A Dermatologist's Crash Course For AM & PM Skincare

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No one understands skincare better than dermatologists – after all, it’s what they do for a living! Since we’re always looking for tips and tricks, we stumbled across this video by Dr. Shereene Idriss, and we just had to share it with you guys. For anyone new here, she’s an NYC board-certified celeb dermatologist and an expert on all things skincare, fillers, and lasers. It’s an absolute treat to watch her Insta reels too; we like to think of them as easy-to-understand skincare courses with a super fun professor. We’ve never been this excited for class…

In this video, Dr. Idriss takes the complexity out of skincare to help you curate a more advantageous AM and PM regimen. She breaks everything – from cleansers, moisturizers, SPF, and more – down to its basics, explaining why and who would benefit from each formula. Take notes for your skin!

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