It's Official, We're Switching To Short Nails For 2023



PSA: It’s officially short nail SZN. If that sentiment alone fills you with angst, take a breath because we’re about to make a pretty convincing case for short nails.

According to Pinterest, and basically all the celebs on the red carpet this award season, short nails are back with a vengeance. Yup, those long stiletto nails are taking the day off, and we’re welcoming back these cropped cuties…

Why Short Nails Are Trending This Year

Okay, let’s unpack this trend because as long-nail STANS, we too, needed the full DL.

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Sooo, Pinterest basically crowned short anythaaang a trend this year, from micro haircuts to short nails. And when you give it a second thought, you can kinda put two and two together.

As our lives get busier again, short nails are definitely the more low-maintenance option. The thought of being able to put on our jewelry (by ourselves) or undo our buttons without assistance is hella appealing… Plus, it cuts your nail appointments in half, which is another major bonus. #BuZyBishes! Oh, and they usually end up costing a little less, considering extensions aren’t necessary.

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There’s also a nail myth circling that short nails are boring. We admit this was one of our concerns, more specifically, how will I experiment with my one true love: nail art, with a smaller canvas? Well, after a quick survey on some of our fave nailspo Instagram pages, we can confirm, nail art is 100% possible with shorter nails.

Shorter nails also tend to be more practical. If you’re a long nail lover, you’ll know how easily skincare or foods can get underneath your nails!

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And finally, we want to tackle a stereotype about short nails. There’s an unfair idea that longer nails are “more feminine,” but that’s an outdated stereotype we’d like to shut down. Regardless of your gender, rock long or short nails to your preference; wear whatever gives you energy and makes you feel good.

Now for the short nail inspo…

So the real question is… Are you making the switch to short nails? We’re not gonna lie, the Huda Beauty team is split!