9 Ways To Achieve Peak Shower Routine Aesthetic 



Soaking in a bubble bath sounds like a delight, but unless you’re one of the few who commits to this act of self-care on the reg, there’s a solid chance you haven’t taken a bath in weeks, months – maybe even years. Showers are obvi way more convenient but historically haven’t felt quite as pampering. 

That’s all changing with the rise of the “shower routine aesthetic,” which is dedicated to maximizing your shower experience even if you’ve only got five minutes to hang under that glorious, steamy cascade of water. According to Pinterest, the term “shower routine aesthetic” is up a whopping 460%, along with searches for things like shower bombs, home spas, and amazing walk-in showers. Into it? Here are some quick tricks for elevating your shower routine starting RN. 

Aesthetic Shower Tip #1: Add a Few Plants to Your Space 

Plants don’t just look pretty – science tells us that they are good for our mind and body too. Also, as long as you have even a sliver of natural light, showers are the perfect place for plants to thrive, thanks to all that juicy moisture hanging in the air. 

Petite succulents on a bathroom sink or window ledge are perf for small spaces, and you can always hang a plant or place one on a shelf whether your bathroom is large or small.


Source: Scandinavian Designs and Earth Indoor

Some good options: 

Aesthetic Shower Tip #2: Go for Some Mood Lighting 


Source: Himalayan Glow and Rokinii

Soft lighting can make you feel a way. Nix the harsh, overhead lighting and instead opt for a more mellow and moody aesthetic. You’ve got lots of choices, including luxe candles, a vibe-y salt lamp (like Himalayan Glow’s Salt Table Lamp Natural, $25), something akin to Orren Ellis’ super sleek Modern Color Changing Corner Lamp, $75, and small table lamps like Rokinii’s sphere-style cutie, $56.

Aesthetic Shower Tip #3: Toss in a Shower Bomb 

It’s not as ominous as it sounds. A shower bomb (also known as a shower steamer) is the same thing as a bath bomb, only it generally has more of a fragrance-y boost and doesn’t need to be wholly immersed in water. Just place it at the bottom of your shower and breathe in the heavenly smells. 

3-Shower-bombSource: J.R. Watkins

J.R. Watkins’s DETOX Bath & Shower Aromatherapy Tablets, $15, are perfect for morning or night, and there are so many cute options on Etsy, too. 

Aesthetic Shower Tip #4: Swap in a Fancy Shower Head  

4-Shower-headSource: Kohler and Hello Klean

Sometimes it’s the simplest little swaps that can make all the difference in your day. Case in point: a fancy shower head that delivers perfect pressure and higher-quality water. If your current showerhead is killing your vibe, take an hour over the weekend to pop in a new one. Not sure where to start? Try this top-rated high-pressure, dual rainfall shower head, $56, or Hello Klean’s Shower Filter, $72. 

Aesthetic Shower Tip #5: Put on Some Shower Jams

5-SpeakersSource: JBL

If you’ve yet to experience the joys of a waterproof speaker, now is the time to pounce. The technology on these tiny speakers is super impressive – you get lots of sound versus the tiny noise that comes from cell phones, and battery life is super long. The JBL Go 3, $50, is arguably one of the best. 

Aesthetic Shower Tip #6: Try One of Those Hyper Cool Stone Bath Mats 

6-MatSource: Dorai

We can all probably agree that stepping onto a soggy mat is not the definition of chic shower luxury. Apparently, they can also be a breeding ground for mildew, mold, and bacteria. Stone bath mats – like Dorai’s Bath Stone, $90 – look great, are slip-resistant, and soak up moisture instantly.

Aesthetic Shower Tip #7: Lather With Some Srsly Luxe Body Wash

Soap in the shower is a given, so make sure that the one you’re reaching for every day actually gets you excited to suds up. Think: heavenly scent, gorgeous lather, and super soft skin post-toweling. Plus, lots of higher-end options are formulated with good-for-your-skin ingredients.

7-CleansersSource: BYREDO and Aēsop

Check these fancy body washes: 

Aesthetic Shower Tip #8: Paint Your Walls 

For a super quick mood change, spend a weekend painting your bathroom with a super dreamy hue. You could go vampy and dark with a rich hunter green or inky charcoal, or you could go neutral with a creamy mushroom or pale oaky hue. For more zest, aim for a pop of color via pink, orange, or bright blue. Many rental spaces will allow you to paint as long as you repaint before vacating, but if you’re worried, then consider a removable wallpaper or a large piece of art instead! 

Aesthetic Shower Tip #9: Freshen Up Your Shower Curtain  

via Giphy

If a paint job is not in the picture, another quick way to freshen up your shower space is to swap in a new shower curtain. Go for something that speaks to your aesthetic and makes you happy every time you see it. 

Some fun options include Urban Outfitters’ Allover Fruits Patterned Shower Curtain, $39, the Taylor Ivory And Black Woven Stripe Curtain from World Market, $35, or something like this Tulle Skirt Color Block Shower Curtain, $25.

We’re loving all the feel-good vibes 2023 is delivering. For more, check out our list of the buzzy health and wellness trends that’ll help you live your best life.

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