How To Do My Signature Makeup Look


Hey my loves! Since you guys are always commenting and asking about my signature look, I wanted to update you with a tutorial on the makeup look I’m loving right now. This look is super cute and very on-trend – I feel like pink’s definitely one of the hottest colors of the year! Typically, my signature look would feature a lot of browns and warm hues as those are what usually flatter my skin tone, but I’ve been SO obsessed with pinks recently, I had to make it work for me. Check it out:

I hope you guys liked my signature makeup look! If you don’t love the color as much as I do, you can still apply my essential makeup tips to whichever shade you like:

1. Always Prep the Skin

Flawless makeup really starts with skincare. I always like to prep my skin with an undereye mask as it plumps, hydrates, and brightens the undereye. Before I apply my primer, I also like to add an extra layer of hydration, either by using an essence or a couple of drops of my fave moisturizer. The better hydrated your skin is, the less likely your makeup will end up looking cakey.

2. All About That Base

Double up on Primer: By using two different primers, you can target certain areas of the face to achieve a super glowy finish without looking oily or too matte. I like to use a hydrating, radiance primer on my cheeks, and a mattifying primer on my T-zone to create that mewy look.

For a Seamless Finish: Once I’ve applied my foundation, concealer, and contour, I use a damp makeup sponge and lightly press it into my skin. This will blend everything out and create a seamless, skin-like finish. To lock in the look, I then use a small dusting of setting powder, applying it to the skin using a blender, and the same, stippling motion.

Warm up your contour: I like to layer my cream contour with a rose blush as I think it warms up the face and creates a naturally flushed, yet sculpted finish. Check out this post for more foundation hacks.

3. Don’t be afraid to layer products

By combining products and layering different colors and textures, you can tailor your makeup to amplify your look and make it work with your skin tone. To open up the eyes, I layer a shimmer eyeshadow with a liquid glitter to make the shimmer really pop. I also like the add a coat of mascara after I’ve applied my false lashes to help blend them with my natural lashes.

Get The Look…



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