Silky feet with these Sephora Foot Masks!

product review

sephora foot mask

When I find a product as incredible as this Sephora Collection Foot Mask, I get so excited I end up buying them for everyone… and now my entire office is hooked!

The thing is, I feel feet can often be overlooked when it comes to beauty, but with this super-easy, at-home foot spa, there’s really no excuse for it anymore. You can relax on the couch or wear these mess-free mask socks while you’re getting ready, and voila, super soft feet without visiting the spa.

What it is: Disposable sock masks filled with richly nourishing formulas that make feet baby-soft in just 20 minutes.

What it does: It gave me THE softest feet! It uses targeted active ingredients that aren’t just really relaxing and soothing for your feet, but also nourish and address foot concerns too.

What we liked: I loved how easy to use they were; I just put my feet inside them (be sure to separate the formula), fold each sock around my ankles and seal with the sticker. Sometimes I leave it for half an hour, or longer if I do it while I’m getting ready. My feet come out so soft, and as someone who’s always had dry skin, this is like a little miracle in a sock. I love the two fragrances – almond and lavender – lavender is my favorite, the smell gives you such a feeling of indulgence like you’re actually at the spa.

What we didn’t like: You might feel a little bit cold while you’re using it, so make sure you’re wrapped up nicely while it’s on.

You don’t even realize that you need it, but once you try this foot mask, you’ll fall in love. It’s so reasonably priced that there’s really no reason not to do this!

Price: $5


P.S. They have hand masks too 😉