Bella Hadid Reminds Us Why We Love This Pore-Minimizing Hack (It’s Free)


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Do you know who’s not afraid of ice-cold FREEEEZING water? Bella Hadid. Let us give you some context… A few weeks ago, celeb MUA Isamaya Ffrench showcased Bella dunking her face into a bowl of ice water to prep her skin for a photoshoot. While the hack isn’t exactly new – we’ve been using it forever to wake up our tired skin – you better believe it sent shock waves through TikTok and reignited our love for the simple, pore-minimizing ritual.

Naturally, everyone was intrigued and started testing the hack, as well as sharing their other go-to hacks that utilize the power of icy temperatures to temporarily tighten pores, and prep and snatch your skin. So we’re giving you the DL on the science, as well as how to ice your skin like a pro. We’ve even included a cryotherapy makeup hack for all you makeup lovers out there. Don’t say we don’t spoil you!

The Icy Skincare Hack 

Watch and learn. Now you know Hadid’s secret to her signature snatch, let’s break it down with Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, celebrity cosmetic dermatologist and Founder of PFRANKMD & Skin Salon.

Benefits of Ice For Your Glow Game 

When you expose your skin to extremely cold temperatures, you’re actually indulging in a skincare technique called cryotherapy (cold therapy). “Cryotherapy is liquid nitrogen delivered to the skin,” says Dr. Frank. “It helps minimize pore size, decrease and heal puffiness in the face, increase blood flow, and reduce inflammation, acne, and redness, leaving your skin with a dewy glow,” he adds.

Like most skincare treatments, cryo-facials can be $$$. Enter: Hadid’s ice cube bowl. Just like icing a wounded ankle can take down swelling, a bowl of ice water can help depuff, soothe inflammation, and boost circulation for a natural glow. Basically, it mimics the cryo-facial effect at the cost of practically nothing! Sign us up.

How to Ice Your Skin at Home 

The ice bath hack: The icing on the cake (sorry, we had to) is its simplicity. Prepare a bowl of ice cubes, submerge them in water, allow the ice to melt for a few minutes, then take a DEEEEEP breath, and dunk your face in for about 20 seconds. Make sure you move your face about so every inch experiences that icy rush. Repeat two to three times and voila!

For easy icing: If this seems too much for you, we totally get it. Instead, try a cryotherapy tool like The Cryo Cube Ice Roller, $20. Its ergonomic handle is such a game-changer because you can ice your skin while you do pretty much anything. Even storing your gua sha tools and jade rollers in the freezer can quickly depuff your skin in the morning.

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For DIY queens: If you forget to restock your ice cube trays, freestyle with some basic home essentials. Frozen cucumbers and chilled stainless steel spoons are great for DIYing the cryo-effect, without the face-submerging element.

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For the lazy girls: Ok, this is basic but it works. Grab an ice cube and massage your face with it. Yup, it’s that simple.

The Makeup Edit: Freezing Makeup Sponges 

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The hack: TikTokers are living in the year 3022. They’re hitting two birds with one (chilled) stone by freezing their makeup sponges! As weird as this sounds, a frozen makeup sponge will give you a gorgeous blend while also cooling the skin.

How to: Wet your beauty sponge, gently squeeze any excess water out, and pop it into the freezer for about an hour. Once it’s rock-hard, apply and blend your foundation as you would, then text your friends about the insanely smooth results.

But that’s not the only way to achieve a trés chic makeup base with beauty sponges. Check out our tried-and-loved beauty-sponge hacks for pro-level makeup. 

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