This Purifying 2-In-1 Cleanser Made Us Scrap Double Cleansing!



Double cleansing – washing your face twice – is the only way to attain a perfectly clean canvas pre-skincare… Right? Enter: Slurp Laboratories Gel, $49, the Korean facial cleanser that promises to melt makeup, cleanse pores, and zap dirt away in just one step, *cue gasp*.  After reading a compelling product bio, we offered ourselves as tribute to test this single-step, do-it-all cleanser that apparently really rinses *everything* away at once… Spoiler alert: it does, thanks to its technical formula! Could this be the end of double cleansing?

Slurp Laboratories Gel Cleanser, $49

Slurp-Gel-Daily-cleansing-routineSource: Slurp Laboratories

What it is: A double-duty cleanser that traps and dissolves dirt, oil-based impurities, and environmental pollution in a single step without stripping away moisture.

The formula: Thick heavy gel consistency that lathers with water.

What it does: Sweeps impurities away with six surfactants and fatty acid esters while purifying minerals like French Auvergne clay and malachite gemstone absorb toxins. Simultaneously, Dead Sea salt and Canadian Sulfur loosen dead skin cells while Polynesian Blue Lagoon water purifies and nourishes skin with silica, magnesium, zinc, and calcium minerals.

How it works: The cleanser works in three tactical ways: oils to break down grime and makeup, surfactants for multi-layer dermal purification, and a moisturizing rinse. Translation: it removes EVERYTHING without drying your skin out.

First, the fatty-acid esters dissolve surface-level impurities like makeup and sunscreen. Next, the smart formula’s lather fully activates after the second round of water is added to create a foam that traps all traces of loosened dirt and gunk, which is effortlessly washed away while maintaining skin moisture levels.

How to use with makeup: Apply one or two pumps onto clean, dry palms and massage onto your (dry) skin. After massaging in and loosening all the makeup and sunscreen, add a splash of water to create the lather, massage in, and then rinse away.

How to use in the am/ with no makeup: With damp hands and face, massage the gel into a lather, rinse, then enjoy your fresh face!

Our Thoughts on the Double Cleanser

What we liked: She comes thruuu! The gel formula effectively washes off makeup, dirt, debris, and sunscreen – stuff that usually needs an oil-based wash followed by a water-based rinse to get rid of – without leaving a tight skin feeling. We know, we know; this is heavy-duty cleansing, but DW, its gentle surfactants are naturally derived, which keeps them from messing with your skin barrier.

As for the $49 price tag, consider that the bottle is HUGE; we’ve been using it for months, and we’re not even a third of the way through it. You’re getting at least double the amount of cleanser you’d get from your regular cleanser – it really is a double cleanser!

In action: We typically use it to remove our makeup at the end of the day, so we start with two pumps on dry hands, which we massage into dry skin, adding water after a minute to let it foam, and then we rinse away. It completely erases the need to double cleanse – especially if we’re wearing light makeup and sunscreen – which is shocking for us. And even though it melts heavy makeup away too, we do sometimes still follow with a water-based cleanse… Y’know, old habits die hard!

What we didn’t like: The formula takes down everything, but we did notice it struggles with our waterproof mascara.

The bottom line: This two-in-one cleanser delivers on all its promises. #TeamSlurp deserves a round of applause for hacking our two-step cleansing routines with this gentle-yet-effective formula that’s sure to last us a while. There’s no excuse not to be double cleansing now… this definitely makes it easier and so much faster!

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