This Sophia Loren Liner Hack Makes Your Eyes Look SO Big


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It’s no secret that we’re always on the lookout for new makeup hacks to elevate our makeup look with minimal effort. This week we stumbled across a makeup hack created by the incredibly talented celeb MUA, Katie Jane Hughes. The hack is inspired by the iconic actress, Sophia Loren, and involves using a black and cream-colored eyeliner to accentuate the eye. As soon as the eyeliner technique was on our radar, we noticed other artists doing the same thing… Eye spy a trend – no pun intended. Here’s everything you need to know…

The Look

This 60s style eye makeup technique utilizes the contrast between cream and black eyeliner to create the illusion of a larger eye. Thanks to the exaggerated wing, it also lifts and snatches the eye, and you can complete the look with some killer lashes, to accentuate the eyes even more. The look is actually gaining popularity on TikTok, with almost 100k views. TBH, we get the hype: it’s simple and looks good on everyone.

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The Hack

Step 1: Use a cream-colored pencil eyeliner and line your lower watershed from the inner to the outer corner. Then extend the line into a small wing.

Step 2: To create the black outline, grab an eyeliner with a super-fine tip, like our Huda Beauty Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy Liner, $19. Then, start by drawing a thin line from the inner corner of your upper lashline line until the outer corner, finishing with a soft wing. Do the same for the lower lash line (you can start at the inner corner or for a more subtle look, start from the outer third), then extend the black line so that it frames the cream-colored wing you created earlier. Join the upper lash line with the wing so you create what looks like an empty wing.

Step 3: Finish with mascara on both your upper and lower lashes. For more drama, curl your lashes or apply individual falsies to the outer corner of your upper lashes to enhance the almond shape further. We actually love how MUA Danielle Marcan added falsies to her bottom lashes. #Obsessed.

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