This Machine Will Get Rid Of Your Split Ends INSTANTLY


With all the coloring, drying, heating, straightening and curling our hair goes through, it’s no wonder our hair is like split end city. While we have all the masks in the world to heal our hair and plenty of sprays to protect, the odd split end always sneaks through.

The thing is, when it comes to cutting our hair, we tend to leave it for as long as possible – because A, haircuts are expensive, and B, unless our hair is short, longer length is goals. So, when we came across the Split-Ender PRO 2 Machine, $150, we were super impressed with the claims that it would trim away all our split ends without taking away length or ruining our style.

split-ender pro review

Obviously, we had to put it to the test; would it get rid of all our split ends or would it chop at our hair in ways we really didn’t want it to?! Here’s our full review:

What it is: A hair trimming device designed to safely trim the ends of hair that are damaged and split while preserving the length of the hair. The unique design means that the hair is uniformly guided through the teeth so that only the ends or damaged hair is trimmed.

split ender

How to use it: The hair should first be washed and dried without any product – this means that each hair strand passes freely through the device. The hair then needs to be sectioned and divided into small pieces (around one inch) before it goes into the split end trimmer – kind of in the same way you’d use a pair of straighteners. Each section of hair should be ‘trimmed’ three times to ensure no hairs are missed. If you have very curly hair, it’s recommended that you straighten it first.

The Split-Ender PRO Trimmer also has two settings, so you can choose whether to trim either ¼ inch or 1/8 inch – we used the ¼ inch setting on different cuts and styles and it didn’t ‘mess it up’ at all.

Does it work: Yes! As we nervously placed our hair in the device, we were beyond excited to see that as it came out of the other end, it was looking smoother with noticeably less split ends. After passing the device through each section three times, we could see a big difference in our hair from one side to the next. We tried the device on straight and curly hair, and the results were consistently good.

The results: Not only did our hair feel so much softer, it looked glossier, and our split ends were massively diminished, both at the bottoms and through the shorter layers. Although the machine didn’t get every last split end, we would say between 60 to 80% of our split ends were removed, depending on the hair type. For medium to thick straight hair, it took us about 30 minutes to do our whole head, but for very thick curls it took around one hour.

split-ender pro resultssplit ender

Tips for using the Split-Ender PRO:

  • The device ‘on button’ is in the form of two arrow buttons, each facing different directions, and you should always select the arrow that faces to the ground – this is really important, otherwise you risk making the ends of your hair jagged.
  • For very curly or thick hair, it’s better to use thin sections of hair between half an inch to one inch so that the teeth don’t drag or tug the hair.
  • Glide the device slowly through the hair and don’t pull or go quickly.
  • Empty the hair out as you go (SO satisfying) to keep the hair flow and blades from getting clogged.
  • Don’t use the machine more often than every two months, and don’t skip having a proper cut at the salon.

split-ender pro review

The Split-Ender PRO (Salon Professional), $200 Vs The Split-Ender PRO2 (Home Professional), $150

The two devices are essentially the same, the only difference is The Split-Ender PRO also comes with some additional pieces in the kit, as well as the option to choose between trimming either 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) or 1/8 inch of hair – The Split-Ender PRO2 only has the option to trim 1/4 inch (which is the setting we chose to use anyway).

split-ender pro v split-ender pro2

The verdict: We really LOVE this product, and if you’re someone who rarely cuts their hair or wants to trim your hair without losing length, we highly recommend this. It is a bit of an investment, but if you consider the fact that this device should last you for years, it means you can save yourself a lot of money in haircuts – although we do recommend getting a proper cut or trim every six months regardless.

What do you guys think? Would you get this? Let us know in the comments below.