Squigs Beauty Is Shining Light On The Ancient Art Of Hair Oiling


One of our favorite hobbies is discovering and spotlighting new beauty brands, and one that recently caught our eye is Squigs Beauty. Launched in March this year, Squigs is a two-piece “headcare” line with products that tackle and treat three prominent areas on our heads — our scalp, our hair, and our skin. So far, the range includes a niacinamide and squalene-laced face serum and a game-changing amla-based hair oil treatment. Both have received rave reviews so far, but it’s their award-winning Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil, $34, that beauty eds can’t stop raving about. Here’s everything you need to know about haircare’s new kid on the block…

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When it comes to discourses centered around ancestral beauty, India is a region that’s often overlooked. But with the rise of slow beauty, traditional Indian beauty rituals and remedies are finally garnering much-deserved recognition and getting an opportunity to relish in the global beauty spotlight.

The 411 On Slow Beauty

Slow beauty is a buzzword that’s gaining a lot of online traction right now, and its principles are heavily rooted in Ayurveda. Dubbed ‘the new clean beauty,’ slow beauty is all about slowing one down with beauty products that require attentiveness and mindfulness with eco-conscious formulations designed with the utmost care. In essence, slow beauty places an emphasis on self-care practices that alleviate daily stress and anxieties, and this includes soothing and healing beauty routines that provide an element of escapism from the crazy outside world.

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How Squigs Is Preserving Cultural Heritage In The Gen Z Way

Squigs successfully marries ancestral values with present-day slow beauty principles with their award-winning Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil, which takes inspiration from traditional Indian hair oiling and the Founder’s experience of her childhood Ayurvedic experiences. Hair oiling is a weekly nighttime practice that involves massaging regenerative natural oils into the scalp. These oils strengthen and nourish hair and help create a balanced scalp environment for new hair growth to come through.

This generational practice has existed for centuries, but Gen Zs are giving it a new lease on life thanks to a little Netflix series called Bridgerton. On TikTok alone, the hashtag #hairoiling has already generated 97.3 million views with tons of DIY tutorials and note-worthy hacks.

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What We Love About Squigs’ Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil Blend

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One word: Amla. Also known as Indian gooseberry, Amla is an Ayurvedic superfruit that’s been used for centuries in Indian communities to boost hair health and growth. Use this as an overnight hair oiling treatment and to tame pesky flyaways and frizz during the day.

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