Sizzlin' Summer Braid Trends You Don't Want To Miss

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summer 2022 braid trends

Summer is finally in full swing and whether you’re bringing hot girl summer vibes or letting out some feral girl energy, if one thing’s for sure, it’s time to turn things UP! And that means embracing this summer’s hottest braid trends, because let’s be real, as much as we love our natural texture and letting our curls run wild, it can be hella-sticky underneath all our hair. Thankfully, these protective styles help you cool down and bring the heat! Here are the summer hair trends you don’t want to miss.

1. Braids With Texture

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Most braids tend to be super tight, sleek, and styled with layers of gel to lock in the look so they remain as tight as possible for as long as possible. However, recently, we’ve been seeing braids with baby hairs and small curls running free, and we’re loving it.

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Following the natural hair movement and our obsession with healthy hair thanks to lockdown, it makes total sense that this slightly undone braided look is coming through. Gone are the days of working tirelessly to prevent “frizz” and slick everything back, celebs are leaning into the look and utilizing it to add a playful softness that looks romantic and sexy.

2. Braided Ponytail

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It’s no secret that when Beyoncé does pretty much anything, it’s guaranteed to become a trend overnight. Seriously, within 12 hours of releasing Break My Soul, she had us considering quitting our jobs (JK). So naturally, when she slayed this braided ponytail with tons of braids, all unique in texture and size, we knew it would be an overnight trend. A braided ponytail isn’t a new trend, but Beyonce brought it back and leveled up. Another reason to love the hairstyle and emulate it all summer long? It’s easy to do at home and perfect for third or fourth-day hair.

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If you want to mix things up, try your hand at a twisted ponytail, like queen Jorja Smith. Similar to a braided ponytail, it’s super easy to DIY and looks hella-cute.

3. Goddess Braids

Another stunning protective style for summer is goddess braids. Favored by celebs like Tracee Ellis Ross and Lizzo, goddess braids are essentially thicker, raised cornrows. They typically feature long, rope-like braids with curly tendrils that lie flat along the scalp. And we’re obsessed. Firstly, they’re perfect for summer as they instantly get your hair off your face while providing a major snatch, plus, they typically take less time to install thanks to the thicker style. We couldn’t get over these goddess braids on Gabrielle Union, although she always brings it IYKWIM.

4. Human Hair Braids

Last but not least, we have human hair braids. Human hair braids are exactly what you think, braids made with human hair. They’ve become seriously popular recently and that’s down to a number of reasons. Firstly, they’re more sustainable, they don’t require chemicals, they can last up to six months, and you can style them with heat. Oh, and they’re Zoe Kravitz’s most common style of braid choice, and naturally, she’s on everyone’s braidspo mood board.

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However, human hair braids also have their downfalls. Mostly, they’re more expensive, and because of their silky texture, they can take longer to install and can unravel more easily if not installed properly. TBH, we’re obsessed. We love the undone texture, which clearly is a major trend for summer.

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