Summer Hair Inspo: 5 Low-Maintenance Hairstyles That Serve


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Major hair looks are fun… until you find yourself sitting and spending in an appointment chair way too long or far too frequently. Think platinum-dyed buzzcuts that require a twice-monthly tune-up, or razor-sharp bobs that start giving you grief after a few weeks. Choosing a low-maintenance haircut this season will let you enjoy summer fun without worrying about penciling in an appointment. Lucky for you, we conferred with three celebrity stylists who were happy to share their favorite of-the-moment, low-maintenance hairstyles that still serve.

1. Bottleneck Bob 

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While some shorter haircuts require quite a bit of upkeep, the chic and modern bottleneck bob is one you can set and forget. A bottleneck bob is a seamless combination of face-framing fringe with a blunt cut bob,” explains Nick Stenson, celebrity hairstylist and artistic director for Matrix. I love the bottleneck bob because of its elevated yet playful glamor that suits various ages and lifestyles.

Compared to other bob styles – like the French bob or graduated bob – the uniform length grows out easily which makes it much lower maintenance. It can also be styled all sorts of ways, leading to major versatility. Try it tousled, curled, with beachy texture, or pin straight.

2. Classic Shag

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In the ‘90s the ‘70s were popular, so the fact that ‘90s-era style has circled back means we get some of that wild child flavor of the ‘70s, too. Cue the classic shag complete with carefree bangs, short layers, and just enough volume to keep things interesting.

“The shag is a trendy cut that [works well on] many different hair textures and people of all ages,” says NYC celebrity stylist Nunzio Saviano.It adds body and texture to natural wavy hair or straight hair and by simply adjusting the shape and length of the bangs it looks great on any face shape.

Styling is also a cinch, which is why this one earns a definite spot on our low-maintenance summer hair roundup. It air dries like a dream or you can blow it out for a high-glam voluminous finish.

3. Octopus Cut

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Not to be confused with the shag which features more all-over volume, the octopus cut focuses its volume at the crown and features medium to long octopus-leg”-like tendrils. The octopus cut is just as it sounds with short, rounded layers at the top of the head transitioning into longer, layered, defined ends that accentuate length and movement,” notes Stenson. I’m loving this cut because of its versatility and wearability for those that love to keep their length while still having a strong shape in their style.

He adds the shape and length make the octopus cut easy to manage, plus you get the option of trying different textures or wearing your hair up or down. Stenson says that on a hot day you can put octopus hair up into a high ponytail or bun with a face-framing fringe left out for a fashion-forward moment.

4. Pixie Bob

If you like to go really short in the hot months, we hear you. Sweaty hair against your neck isn’t exactly a summer dream. Enter the Pixie Bob, a cropped ‘do that combines that charming pixie energy with the sophistication of a longer bob.

“It’s essentially a short bob with texture and a lot of longer layers,” says Gina Rivera, celebrity stylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites. “This is a terrific look because it can be styled in various ways. Try it with tousled ends or sleek, straight, and classic.” She adds that it’s a great transition option for those going from uber short hair (think buzzcuts and genuine pixies) to longer styles.

5. Wolf Cut

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If the shag feels too retro and an edgy mullet isn’t really your jam, the wolf cut might just be the perfect summer hairstyle for you. A wolf cut is a beautifully raw combination of a shag and a mullet haircut,” says Stenson. “It’s great for many different hair types and textures, flatters many face shapes, complements the wearer at any age, and grows out beautifully with little maintenance required.


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A wolf cut is low maintenance because of its ability to grow out in a perfectly shaped manner. While you may need to play with styling as your fringe grows longer, the cut doesn’t have an expiration date and maintains itself long-term.

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