This Hair Cutting Technique Will Give You The Healthiest Hair

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Have you ever gone to the hairdresser, only to be told that they need to take inches off the length as there’s simply too much damage? Well, if this ever happens to you, request a hair cutting technique called surface cutting and you might avoid this dilemma completely. The revolutionary technique helps banish split ends and damaged locks while maintaining the length, leaving you with softer, healthier-looking hair. Here’s everything you need to know.

How Surface Cutting Will Transform Your Hair

Instead of removing the ends of your hair, your hairstylist will angle their scissors in a way that only cuts split ends and broken strands, which otherwise leave your hair looking dry and brittle. This is done without comprising the length and helps the hair to look smoother and softer in appearance. If you dye your hair, this method of cutting is particularly useful, as often the process and chemicals used to color the hair ends up causing split ends and hair breakage.

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As surface cutting is not a widely practiced technique, ask your salon if they’re experienced before you make the appointment. Then, to make sure your stylist knows what’s up, be sure they smooth the hair first with a round brush. They should also avoid straightening the hair as this will cause the strands to lay flat so you’ll not be able to catch the hair at an angle. This technique also works better with clean hair, so avoid applying products on your hair before your appointment.

Of course, if your hair really is severely damaged, sometimes having a few inches off is better, but this technique works so well for many cases. For more hair care tips, check out how to revive your hair in three easy steps.