Surprise! Beautify Your Pooches With Our Pet-Friendly Lashes!

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PAWfect lashes

Hey my loves! I am so beyond excited to introduce you guys to a very exciting project we’ve been secretly working on for the last two years: our newest sub-brand, PAWfect! We truly feel that beauty is for everyone, so we had to launch PAWfect; a collection of the most gorgeous false lashes for your pooches and pets!

PAWfect lashes

I was so inspired by my gorgeous Pomeranian, Coco – she is such a diva – and I knew I had to create something that would give her the glam she really deserved! So we created the gorgeous PAWfect Coco lashes. Of course, the lashes come with a fur-friendly glue to ensure they’re comfortable to wear and extra easy to remove – no hairs lost!

We spent so long perfecting the most glam, full-fringe, double-stacked synthetic lashes that look amazing on all breeds of dogs, no matter what their shape or size. The cotton band is extra flexible so that it can mold to any eye shape quickly and comfortably – honestly, I can tell Coco loves wearing these; she’s always strutting around in them like she owns the park!

PAWfect lashes

We wanted to ensure these were super easy to apply and remove, so we created a slobber-proof, fur-friendly lash glue that sits on top of the surface of the fur so that it remains clump-free and intact. It’s also really powerful, so no matter how windy the weather gets or where they go splashing around, they won’t come off.

I truly believe every dog deserves to feel beautiful, and we know that these are going to help all dogs and pets feel so much better about themselves – not to mention, the selfies are going to be 100!

I hope you and your dogs love these as much as Coco and all her friends do! The PAWfect Coco Lashes and Fur-Friendly Glue are sold together, $18, and will be available to shop on April 1st.  Sign up to our waitlist on here.