Surprise! Meet Our Huda Beauty Desert Sand Exfoliator

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Hey my loves! I’ve got to admit the one thing I find hard about my job is keeping all of our newest products a secret (especially when they’re this JUICY), which is why I’m super stoked to finally reveal our ahhhhmazing, limited edition exfoliator. It’s honestly a miracle product made up of just ONE ingredient, which will make your skin SOOOOO silky smooth and bright.

My team and I decided to create this exfoliator after I was literally caught in a desert sandstorm while we were shooting our campaign shots for the Desert Dusk Palette! Although it was kind of annoying at the time, afterwards my skin was the smoothest it’s ever been – I’m talking life-changing softness! I knew I had to package the exact undiluted formula so everyone could share this experience with me. It’s pure sand from the Arabian desert and is vegan and 100% cruelty-free and as it consists of just one ingredient, it won’t irritate your skin so you can use it to transform your entire body. Each grain of completely natural, organic sand is composed of mineral particles and finely ground rock, which work to gently buff away any dead skin cells or impurities lying on the surface of your skin.


All you do for instantly brighter skin and a stunning glow, is apply it to your body using gentle, circular motions. It’ll fall off pretty much straight away, but that’s all just part of the fun – the results will amaze you! Sign up to our waiting list now, ready for the drop on the 1st of April. We could only produce a limited amount of this life-changing formula so get your hands on it now to avoid any tears! I can’t wait for you guys to try it! Hope you guys love it as much as we do in the office! Xoxo

UPDATE! You’ve been April Fooled!

Hey my loves, you know I LOVE to be a bit playful so of course, I had to take advantage of April Fool’s Day! One of my team had the hilarious idea to use ‘Desert Dusk Sand’ as an intense body exfoliator, and even though we think the concept is bomb, we’re actually not going to be selling this anytime soon. We love you guys more than ever for being so supportive of this! Stay tuned for some REAL amazing products!

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*This post has been updated on April 2nd.