We Tried The Leave-In Designed To Prevent Sweaty Hair Drama



One thing that’s unavoidable (for the most part) during gym sessions is sweating. And look, sweating is an essential bodily function that helps you regulate your body temperature, so it’s kinda important. That said, it’s a B for screwing up your regular hair washing routine and wrecking your cute ‘do. So when we learned about a new hair product that shields your hair from the damaging effects of sweat, humidity, and environmental aggressors to keep it looking fresher for longer, we HAD to try it…

Introducing the SWAIR Sweat Shield Multi-Tasking Hair Protector, $38 (travel-sized, $16), a first-of-its-kind formula that protects your hair during the summer, your workouts, and rising temperatures. Here’s what happened when we put it on trial.

What it is: A protective leave-in conditioning spray enriched with strengthening cucumber extract, protective kendi oil, marshmallow root to soothe and smooth, and apricot oil for an added hit of hydration. Oh, and just in case you keep in line with the curly girl method, it’s alcohol, sulfate, and paraben-free. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free. 

What it does: This protective spray protects your hair from the damaging effects of sweat, humidity, and air pollution, which can lead to greasiness, frizz, and dehydrated strands. It stops your hair from looking greasy and keeps it from frizzing and expanding in humid weather or rainy days. Basically, it keeps your hair softer, smoother, and fresher for longer allowing you to cut down on frequent wash days when you’re putting your hair through the most.

How to use it: Spray generously on clean, damp hair from root to tip then comb through for even distribution. Air dry or blow dry and style as usual.

What we liked: When we first heard about this, we were super excited to try what truly sounded like a miracle product! Less hair washing? Count us in! As directed, we applied ample amounts onto damp hair and let our hair air dry. After a day spent in Dubai’s intensely hot and humid summer heat, we were expecting to see the usual signs of humidity on our long, thick, (2A) wavy hair: frizz and puffiness. But we were shocked to see that instead, our hair was looking as smooth and shiny as when we had begun our day.

A few days later, we put it to the sweat test! We spritzed it onto clean damp hair before an intense paddle session. Needless to say, we got hella sweaty and the hair around our hairline was totally soaked through. However, once our sweaty hair had air-dried, rather than looking greasy and fluffy, it was smooth, frizz-free, and most shockingly, it looked fresh. Not only does it deliver on its promises, it smells delicious, feels super lightweight, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

What we didn’t like: There was nothing we didn’t like about this spray; however, after testing it on several hair types, it was clear that it may have more benefits for certain hair types. If your hair is prone to frizz or puffiness, it’s a great purchase, especially for summer or if you get your sweat on regularly, as it helps to prevent sweaty hair side effects. However, if you have sleek or fine hair that doesn’t tend to show post-signs of sweating other than not looking so fresh, you will notice that your hair feels cleaner and fresher for longer. Ultimately, the results might not feel as transformative.

Either way, the product is doing good things to protect your hair, so it’s a win in our book, no matter your hair type.

Our final review: If you want to extend the time between your wash days, you need this product in your life. It keeps your hair feeling and looking fresher for longer, even when you sweat.

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