This Sweatproof Makeup Collab Will Make You Want To Workout

product review

Puma X Maybelline

We don’t know about you guys, but when a makeup collection claims to be “sweatproof,” we’re kinda skeptical. So when we heard about the latest – and seriously dope – Puma X Maybelline collab, we were ready to put it to the test. Although we were already fighting its corner (regardless of whether or not the products would survive Bikram Yoga) as we’re loving multi-purpose products atm. From their Matte + Metallic Eyeshadow hybrid to the blush and highlighter balm; they’re perfect for hunnies on the go. Here’s what happened when we put them to the test:

The Collection

The Puma X Maybelline collection claims to be high-performance, affordable makeup with a bold athleisure edge that’ll take you from the office to the gym without a sweat. It features a Smudge-Proof Mascara, their classic SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks in five new shades, a Chrome Highlighter, the Color + Gloss Duo Face Stick, plus four Matte + Metallic Duo Stick cream eyeshadows.

We put the products through the sweat test…

Matte and Metallic Eyeshadow Duo Stick, $13

Puma X Maybelline

What it is: Four matte and metallic dual-ended cream eyeshadows each with two complementary colors for 24-hour wear.

What we thought: These eyeshadows are seriously pigmented and creamy, and melt into the skin. They work well if you’re going for a bold or simple shadow look. For precision, use a brush, as the rounded tip doesn’t really allow for clean lines, although it’s perfect for quick eyeshadow application. Post workout? The shimmers were not as distinct, but the color stayed put.

Sweat rating: 6/10 – the eyeshadow didn’t move under the eye but it did crease into the lid. The color remained pigmented, which is pretty impressive considering the high-intensity workout it endured. Use this on your lids only, if you don’t want to see creasing.

Shop it here, $13.

SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, $9

Puma X Maybelline

What it is: A super-saturated, highly pigmented liquid matte formula that lasts up to 16 hours.

What we thought: We’ve been a fan of the Maybelline SuperStay Liquid Matte formula for a while now. It applies well, there’s no bleeding, and it’s highly pigmented. The formula is quite thick, so you don’t need to reapply continuously throughout the day. However, when we did reapply, it didn’t flake or clump together, although, the deeper formulas were a little sticky on the lips. As for the new shades, we loved the 90’s berry-brown shade (Fearless), and we were surprised by how great the brick orange hue (Unapologetic) looked on everyone – it flattered both lighter and darker skin tones. Oh, and once it was on, it didn’t budge.

Sweat rating: 8/10 – the color stayed poppin’ and it didn’t bleed. The pigment at the center of the lip faded slightly, but overall we were impressed!

Shop it here, $9

The Smudge-Resistant Mascara, $10

Puma X Maybelline

What it is: A smudge-proof mascara that adds volume and dramatic length for upto 24 hours.

What we thought: There’s no denying that this mascara is sweatproof, so it gets a major YES from us. We even wore it to an aqua aerobics class (there was splashing but we didn’t fully submerge ourselves in the water) and it passed the test. So if panda eyes are a problem for you – with or without exercise – this mascara’s perfect. It also separates the lashes well to create a really natural, feathered lash look. Although we’d say it’s more of a lengthening mascara than a volumizing mascara – you have to add multiple coats if you want to add thickness to your lashes.

Sweat rating: 10/10 – even through a super sweaty workout, the mascara didn’t run under the eye. It’s a new fave for us.

Shop it here, $10.

Chrome Highlighter, $10

Maybelline X Puma

What it is: An ultra-reflective rose gold highlighter with high endurance technology.

What we thought: As soon as we swatched the highlighter, we were sold. It gives your skin a really vibrant glow and the pink shimmers with gold shift work well on light to dark skin tones. We were shook when we saw that the shimmers stayed intact post-soul cycle.

Sweat rating: 6/10 – it wasn’t quite as popping as when we first applied it, but our skin still looked glowy (and not just from the sweat).

Shop it here, $10.

Color + Gloss Duo Face Stick, $11

Puma X Maybelline

What it is: A multitasking, waterproof blush and highlighter stick that gives a rosy glow no matter how much you sweat.

What we thought: If you’re trying to achieve a no makeup-makeup, lit-from-within vibe, then this is perfect. The formula blends easily into the skin and gives a really natural rosy glow. The blush stick can also double up as a lip tint that feels super hydrating. The highlight is subtle, so if you want to be seen from the stars, we’d probably suggest the Chrome Highlighter. But did it pass the sweat test? It was kinda hard to tell as the natural flush was replaced by burning red cheeks.

Sweat rating: 5/10 – it was hard to tell if the lip and cheek tint remained, however, you could see some lingering shimmers from the highlighting balm. With that said, we love the product for faking a natural glow!

Shop it here, $11.

Our verdict: We’re going to continue to wear this awesome collab, even when we’re not working out, as its staying power is pretty insane! Smudgeproof, sweatproof, waterproof makeup doesn’t come around that often, especially at this more affordable price point.

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