The Collection Which Left Us S-Peach-Less!

product review

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If there’s one thing I love more than lashes and mirrored sunglasses, it’s cute packaging… okay, maybe not more than lashes but you get the point! Too Faced has got their packaging down to peach perfection with this adorable Sweet Peach Collection. They really are masters at creating cute palettes, and this mouth-watering array of highlighters, eyeshadows, lip glosses, and blush, with a delectable peachy fragrance, is just as gorgeous. I love the fact that Too Faced decided to extend the Sweet Peach collection and include other products too. I feel that the colors in this collection are so trendy right now and the eyeshadow palette & glosses would def work for most people.

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What it is:
Eye Shadow Collection Palette ($49): An 18-shade palette with peachy pinks, corals, and rich plum colors, in matte and shimmer shades. Part of a sell-out, limited edition collection launched last year, it was in such high demand it’s been made part of their permanent line.
Glow Highlighting Palette ($42): The ultimate highlighting heaven, this glow kit has three luminous shades: a peachy blush, a goldeny-pink highlighter, and a shimmering bronzer.
Papa Don’t Peach Blush ($30): A richly pigmented brightening blush powder.
Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss ($19): A creamy peach lip oil combining the shine of a gloss and the moisture of a lip balm, infused with coconut oil, and vitamin E.

What it does: Designed to give the ultimate glow, the entire collection is intended to tantalize your senses with the scent, look (and taste, in the case of lip glosses) of… you guessed it, peaches!

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What we liked: For me, the highlighting palette is a must-have – it’s like the definitive illumination kit – and it’s packed with pearls (which I love!), so you know it’s really high quality. I’m obsessing over the tin packaging too; it’s compact yet with the added bonus of mirrors – always handy! Since the first release, I’ve loved the eyeshadow palette, mainly because every time I open it, I still get surprised by the scent, which totally takes me back to my childhood. But seriously, it’s got tons of pretty shades that you can use to create sooo many looks. The lip glosses are also adorable and the colors are to-die-for. On, they feel kind of buttery, and although they’re really shiny – they aren’t sticky, which I like.

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What we didn’t like: The blush was pretty, but it’s too light for my skin tone, so I wish there were more shades available. It would be handy if the highlighter palette had a brush with it too, but I personally never use them, so it just depends on your personal preference. And, although I love the lip glosses, if you’re looking for a long-wearing lip gloss, then it would be better to choose one with a slightly stickier consistency.

Overall, I love the collection, and you can even download the Too Faced Emoji app, which has super cute Sweet Peach Emojis!


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