This Curling Iron Gives Me The BEST Curls Of My Life!



OMG guys, I have legit found the world’s best curling iron: the T3 Curl ID Smart Curling Iron, $225. Honestly, I don’t usually get this excited about hair products, but this curling wand is insane. It looks and feels as if I’ve just had a blow-dry – my hair is so smooth, and the curls are beyond beautiful. I swear, if you want salon-worthy results at home, you need to try this product!

What it is: A ceramic barrel curling iron with heat ID technology that allows it to adjust to your unique hair type and texture. There are nine precise heating settings to choose from to deliver personalized heat depending on the texture and health of your hair. You simply select whether you have fine, medium, or coarse hair on the heat options, then add if it has been color or chemically treated.

It’s also fitted with dual ceramic heaters to provide even heat – no sizzle spots here! It also boasts an ion generator to minimize frizz and boost shine. Plus, it has a one-hour auto shut-off for peace of mind – seriously, how many times have you panicked that your curling wand has burned your entire house down?!

What it does: The curling wand adapts to your hair type, texture, and level of hair damage to deliver the most stunning curls of your life without damaging your hair any further. This means your hair will also look super shiny, and thanks to the ions, frizz-free.

What I liked about it: Honestly, I loved almost everything about this curling iron (more on that later). It gives the most stunning curls that never look too “overdone.” Instead, my hair looks smooth, and the curls have so much movement – as if they’ve been freshly blow-dried rather than curled. I also love that my hair never feels damaged or fried after using this, so it still maintains a glossy shine, which is super important to me. The curls also last really well!

What I didn’t like: Okay, so I can’t lie. This curling wand is kinda confusing when you first use it. You have to choose the texture of your hair and add whether it’s been chemically or color-treated so it can calculate the correct temperature for you. However, the buttons aren’t that clear, so make sure you read and reference the manual. Once you have that figured out, I legit loved everything.

How to use: To turn on your curling iron, hold down the on button until all the heat settings light up. At the top, there are three hair strands to indicate fine, medium, or coarse texture. Select the correct heat option as per your hair type. If your hair is color-treated, click on the paintbrush symbol. Do the same for the chemically treated symbol, which is a small beaker. Next, press the on-button to lock in your personalized settings. Your unique heat setting will blink, and the lights will cascade. When you hear a beep and lights turn solid, begin styling. Double-tap the on-button to turn it off.

Top tip: I actually brush each curl out straight away as I think it creates the most perfect, voluminous curl. Don’t forget to use a heat protection serum or spray before curling.

The verdict: If you love a blow-dry and are looking for the ultimate tool to get salon-worthy results at home, this is it.

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