These Products Will Give You A Golden Tan (Without Sun Damage)

product review

Tanologist If you love the idea of a golden glow, but the consequences of sun exposure outweigh that desire – thank you, next sun-damaged, sagging skin – this self-tanning lotion is the perfect solution. Well, technically it’s not just one solution, as self-tanning brand Tanologist offers a range of different formulas, from water drops to tanning mousses.

Each tanning product will give you a rich golden tan without all of the (terrifying) side effects of sun damage or a streaky tan! So, regardless of your bronzing preference, you’ll be able to find a product that suits your needs; whether you’re a self-tanning virgin or a die-hard tanner, don’t worry, we got you! Here’s the debrief on the Tanologist self-tanning collection:

Tanologist Self Tan Mousse, $17 


Chances are if you’re a regular self-tanner, you’ll be familiar with the stained sheets dilemma. It’s often the price you pay for a fake tan thanks to the guide color that’s added to help you see where you’ve applied the product. However, Tanologist products don’t have this coloring agent, plus they’ll give you a glow up in as little as four hours so you don’t have to leave it on overnight. Even without the guide, achieving a streak-free final look was easier than ever.

The mousse also doesn’t have a green or orange tint, so we were able to apply the product, go to work with an immediate glow (enjoy the compliments), then rinse it off after work and enjoy a long-lasting tan. The other huge benefit of this was that it didn’t go patchy anywhere as the formula began to fade.

If you’re a first-time tanner, we’d definitely recommend this mousse, as it’s just so easy to use – it blends into the skin quickly and easily and gave us a subtle sun-kissed tan. Although the directions say you don’t need a mitt, we’d recommend using one so you don’t end up with orange hands (plus it makes the process quicker). As with most fake tans, this does have a slight scent, but it’s nowhere near as potent as other fake tans.

Application 101: 

  • Make sure you exfoliate the day before you fake tan to create a perfect canvas for application. Moisturize any dry areas like your hands, knees, and elbows to prevent the self-tan from settling into dry skin.
  • Use long, upward strokes to blend the tan seamlessly into the skin.
  • Remember the longer you leave your self-tan, the richer the tan will get.
  • When you take your first shower after application, don’t use body wash all over.

Tanologist Self-Tan Water, $17


Tanning waters are the latest solution to make it big in the beauty biz. They’re basically an h20 glow up, providing a surge of moisture and a golden glow. Again, as they don’t have a guide color, the mess factor of self-tanning is eradicated. The Tanologist Self-Tan Water is also infused with vitamin E and grapefruit extract, so it’s mega-hydrating. Plus, it’s non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores.

In total, there are four shade options; light, medium, and dark. As per usual, the longer you leave the tan on your skin, the darker it will be. To use, simply spray the water onto prepped skin and rub it in with your hand or a mitt. Then rinse with warm water anywhere between 1-4 hours after application. This works great if you’re topping up an existing tan as it intensifies the color. With that said, if you’re new to the world of tanning, we’d stick with the mousse as it’s slightly easier and quicker to use.

Tanologist Self Tan Drops, $20

We also incorporated the tanning drops into our beauty regime in the same way their founder Lottie Tomlinson does, and we’re obsessed – they’re so versatile and easy to use. The drops are perfect if you’re looking to get a summer glow without committing to the full fake tan experience. You can add them to your body lotion, your face moisturizer or use them independently. We even added them to our foundation – just add two drops to your trusty-foundation and you’ll glow-up throughout the day. If you’re a first-time tanner, these are a great option as the results are gradual and basically foolproof.

Tanologist Instant Tan + Illuminator, $15

If you’re looking for quick results, you need this lotion in your life. It’s similar to body makeup as it smooths imperfections while adding a deep tan that lasts 24 hours. It contains illuminating nano-particles to make your skin glow, without transferring onto your clothes. Just apply it like you would a moisturizer and wash it off at the end of the night.

Tanologist Gradual Tan, $14



This tanning lotion is the ultimate tan solution for beginners. It’s easily buildable and super moisturizing, so it’s pretty much risk-free. The formula is enriched with botanicals to hydrate and soften the skin to enhance the final look. If you want a deeper tan, they work really well when combined with two or three drops of the Tanning Drops. Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

Tanologist Glycolic Tan Eraser, $15

Full disclosure: we haven’t actually tried this product yet, but it majorly excites us. Here’s why… There’s nothing worse than a patchy fake tan, and in most cases, it’s a result of un-prepped skin, aka skin that hasn’t been exfoliated. This product not only gets rid of any lingering tan from your skin, but it also primes your skin to create a perfect canvas for application. The formula contains 3% glycolic acid, a potent exfoliator that’ll penetrate deep into your skin and remove any dead skin that could cause a patchy tan.

Do you guys use self-tanning products? Let us know if you’ve tried these or any others in the comments below.