Tea Fragrances Are Making A Comeback: 6 Tea-Inspired Perfumes To Spritz



Along with so many other faves from the ‘90s and aughts, tea-inspired fragrances are officially in high favor again. These lightweight, airy scents are perfect for spring and summer spritzing. Think iconic gems like Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Scent Spray, $42, (original bottle intact, friends) and new beauties like Maison Margiela’s REPLICA Matcha Meditation, $144. If you’re keen on wearing a barely-there, lighter-than-air scent all season long, you’ll def want to pick up one of these tea fragrances.

1. Miller Harris Tea Tonique, $170

1-Miller-Harris-Tea-ToniqueSource: Miller Harris

Have you ever seen those gorgeous pictures overlooking a tea field? You can practically imagine misty mornings spent navigating paths between neat rows of fresh tea shrubs. This fragrance from Miller Harris captures that essence perfectly with bright notes of green tea, earthy maté, and comforting floral earl gray. Meanwhile, contrasting notes of nutmeg and bergamot add some cozy warmth.

2. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray, $42

2-Elizabeth-Arden-Green-Tea-Scent-SpraySource: Elizabeth Arden

No tea fragrance list is complete without the inclusion of this iconic – dare we say pioneer – of tea-inspired perfumes. Elizabeth Arden’s airy Green Tea Scent Spray, $42, is equal parts juicy, sparkling, and earthy, making it the perfect “my skin but better” scent. The fact that it’s still housed in the same slim, pale green vessel, complete with a singular tea leaf on the front, makes us extra happy.

3. Maison Margiela REPLICA Matcha Meditation, $144

3-Maison-Margiela-Replica-Matcha-MeditationSource: Maison Margiela

Our friends at Maison Margiela are masters of bottling hard-to-capture moments, and they’ve done it again with one of their newest debuts, REPLICA Matcha Meditation, $144. It’s meant to replicate quiet moments spent at home, warm tea in hand, as the afternoon sun beams through glass panes in the prettiest way. Green tea, mandarin, and bergamot sparkle as top notes, giving way to a middle section of matcha accord, orange blossoms, and sweet jasmine. It’s all grounded with moss, white chocolate, and benzoin.

4. JAFRA Yitsu EDT, $41

6-Yitsu-JafraSource: JAFRA

If you’re seeking just a bit more oomph in your tea fragrance – and some typically masculine energy – JAFRA’s Yitsu EDT, $41, is a must-spritz. Housed in a gorgeous white bottle with Japanese text, this aromatic fragrance seamlessly blends the scent of fresh bamboo and green tea, zippy juniper, spicy black pepper, and floral notes of violet and geranium. These notes definitely ring front and center, but subtle grounding notes of incense, amber, and sandalwood lend a sturdy base.

5. Sabon Eau De Sabon – White Tea, $52

5-Sabon-White-TeaSource: Sabon

Sabon just released a series of fragrances as part of the brand’s “Eau De Sabon” and of course they included a White Tea option. Though simple in name, this comforting fragrance offers some unexpected turns. That initial spray releases notes of sweet fig, fizzy lemon, and jasmine, while the heart gives us white tea with a dash of warm nutmeg and cardamom. The base offers earthy notes of violet, cedar, and thyme. It’s the perfect summer fragrance and is one you can wear alone or as a base for others.  

6. Elorea Heaven, $125

4-Elorea-HeavenSource: Elorea

For those who’d prefer their tea fragrance have a romantic twist, try this intoxicating Boseong green tea scent from Elorea. It opens up with a sensual spray of sweet roses (pun intended) tempered with a dusting of pink pepper and a twist of citrus. All the above drift lazily in a pool of green tea, juicy passion fruit, and fresh freesia. The woody vanilla finish makes this one chef’s kiss!

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