The Amazing Oil Your Beauty Shelf Is Missing Costs Less Than $5


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Source: wasanajai/Shutterstock

It wasn’t too long ago that we were all afraid of oil because surely, oil would mean oily skin? But, that is SO not the case! Natural oils contain some of the most potent powerhouses of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids; essentially acting as a topical supplement for our skin. Our latest oil obsession is castor oil, and not just because it treats pimples and fine lines simultaneously while detoxifying our skin at less than $5 – we’re hooked. The magical oil comes from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plants, a flowering plant which grows wild in the tropical regions of Africa and India, but you can find it at almost any major health store, and Amazon, of course! Here’s why you NEED it on your shelf, like now.

For Acne-prone skin: Castor oil should be your new go-to! It’s not only a mega-rich source of ricinoleic acid, which minimizes acne-causing bacteria, it’s also antiviral, so it’ll free your skin from any excess oil or dirt that’s clogging your pores. The essential fatty acids and vitamin E content will work to soften scarring as it boosts the growth of healthy tissues. Finally, it’s super hydrating, which means your skin won’t feel the need to produce extra sebum like it does if your skin is dehydrated.

For mature skin: When massaged onto the skin in circular motions, castor oil will stimulate the production of collagen – our skin’s answer to firm skin. Increased collagen means an improvement in the elasticity of your skin and in turn, smoother fine lines and wrinkles.

For your brows and lashes: Castor oil is bursting with protein and fatty acids that can strengthen hair, making it the ideal remedy for extending the length of your lashes and brows – Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows Brow Gel even contains it. We love to rub a drop of castor oil between our forefinger and thumb and gently rub the oil onto our lashes or all over our brows before we sleep – just wash away in the morning.

For your hair: The next time your hair is feeling dry and damaged, rub five to six drops of castor oil between your palms and then run your hands through your hair. The antioxidants and omega-9 content will work together to reduce split ends and breakage while adding a killer shine. The antibacterial and antifungal properties will also help get rid of dandruff so don’t be afraid to massage it into your scalp for a few minutes before your next shampoo.

For your health: We all know that what we put in our bodies is as important as what we put on our skin, and castor oil capsules can help to improve your wellbeing internally if taken daily. Castor oil improves your immune system as it supports your body’s lymphatic system, which is responsible for your body’s circulation and flushing out any nasty toxins. It can even affect your body’s digestive system, so if you need to detox, it’ll cleanse your stomach and reduce bloating, as it works as a natural and gentle laxative.

Always look for 100% organic castor oil. We like this pure, chemical-free castor oil by RejuveNaturals, $11.22 and Home Health’s cold pressed castor oil, $4.81. Check out our guide to face oils here for more deets on one of our fav parts of our beauty routine.