The Anastasia Aurora Palette – Is It As Dreamy As Moonchild?

product review

IMG_6352-3When it comes to a gorgeous glow kit, Anastasia knows what she’s doing. Last July, the release of her Moonchild palette sent highlight lovers into a frenzy, and there’s no doubt this glow kit has just as much ethereal luster to be excited about too. One thing’s for sure, her packaging game is on point – makeup hunnies, this one’s for you. And if you were looking for a highlight to take your look to the stratosphere and back, then the Aurora palette has a surprising shade collection that’s sure to excite you.

What it is: A six-shade highlighter palette designed to create intense radiance for face and body.

What it does: A variety of shades give plenty of room to switch up your glow game. They can be applied with a damp brush to intensify the pigments, or mixed with a hydrating oil for a shimmering body glow.

IMG_6359 copy-1

What we liked: The first thing to note is the packaging – the gradient finish is super cool and ties in so nicely with the name, and I love the iridescent writing. The highlighters last really well and are easy to blend, although I did notice with the darker shades (Orson and Spectre), that the powders seemed a little drier and were less blendable. I love the Eclipse shade, it has a stunning peach iridescence to it, and Lyra also has a gorgeous pearly pink sheen.

What we didn’t like: If you love a glittery finish to your highlight then this is the perfect palette for you, but because of the glistening effect, this would be a palette I’d mainly use in the evening. I also noticed when I applied it with a brush, the glitter was more predominant than the pigment. I would recommend using your finger and gently pressing it onto your cheeks to get the best application and pigment payoff.

Moonchild or Aurora: Both palettes are gorgeous and are must-have limited edition pieces for makeup collectors – like yours truly! I love the new colors of the Aurora palette and think they’ll look best on medium to deeper skin tones, while the Moonchild has super pretty pale shades, which best complement fair to medium skin tones. For day-to-day use, my preference would be the Moonchild glow kit, but for baddies who really want to pop, Aurora may come out on top for you.

Price: $40