The Beauty Benefits Of TikTok's Fave Drink Will Blow Your Mind



Thanks to TikTok we’re obsessed with feta cheese pasta bakes, we sleep in our socks, and we’ve mastered the dolphin dance move. And if you haven’t started sipping on its go-to elixir, it’s time to add drinking chlorophyll water to that list. According to TikTokers, it has tons of benefits, from improving your glow game to your body odor… Down there! So, we decided it was time to consult an expert before committing to yet another TikTok trend. As it turns out, TikTok is onto something. Here’s everything you need to know.

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What is Chlorophyll?

If you’re wondering what TF chlorophyll is and where it comes from, Natasha Rudatsenko, Nutritherapist and Founder of The Health Nag fills us in. She says “Chlorophyll is a liposoluble pigment that gives all plants and algae their green color.” You may remember it from your high school bio class?

The problem is, “Chlorophyll when in its natural liposoluble state, does not dilute in water and is minimally absorbed. This is why, for example, you can eat plenty of spinach without actually getting any of the benefits of chlorophyll.”

This is where the TikTok phenomenon comes into play. Chlorophyll drops, more formally known as sodium copper chlorophyllin, are water-soluble and better absorbed into the body. Natasha says that it’s proven to have “consistent deodorizing effects, accelerate wound healing, and protect the liver from damage.”

The Benefits of Chlorophyll

TikTokers were 100% right when they said chlorophyll has a bunch of health benefits, here’s a quick breakdown of how it can help your mind, body, and soul…

Benefits of Chlorophyll For Your Body 

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According to Natasha one of the major benefits of chlorophyll is it’s a “blood builder and an amazing liver cleanser” and in case you didn’t know, a healthy liver is essential for strong immunity, which we all need RN. Not only does it promote the production of red and white blood cells, but it also helps your body detoxify and push out chemical toxicity, which can even improve your mental clarity and overall wellness. As if that wasn’t enough, Natasha reveals that it has an anti-carcinogenic property, meaning it can help boost your cellular health, thereby strengthening your immune system once again.

Chlorophyll will also improve your gut health as it’ll enable you to “maintain a healthy intestinal microbiome,” says Natasha. She insists that “Many people suffer from chronic candida overgrowth; this is caused by antibiotics, hormones, corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, and our standard high sugar diets. Chlorophyll oxygenates the digestive system, therefore reducing the action of bacteria occurring during digestion and contributes to protecting the liver, the organ that does the most ‘heavy lifting’ for our immunity and overall health.”

Natasha continues to explain that chlorophyll is rich in copper, a mineral that’s needed to help absorb iron so it’s good for those who have anemia, or for menstruators during their period.

Finally, when it comes to your body odor, Natasha confirms chlorophyll “freshens the breath, body odor, and acts as an overall body deodorant, even during bacterial vaginitis.” So when TikTokers claimed it makes you smell and taste better down there, they weren’t lying. Either way, there are lots of people showing up in the comments saying it made a difference!

Your Skin

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With so many health benefits, it’s only natural that your glow game will benefit from chlorophyll too. Natasha says, “Because of its high antioxidant content, which is 20 times more than a powerful resveratrol, for example, it helps our skin health by boosting the overall immunity and by slowing down the oxidative process.” She reminds us that your, “Face is always the mirror of your true health state.”

Chlorophyll is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and can speed up wound healing making it a no-brainer for anyone with acne or other inflammatory skin conditions. It’ll even help reduce acne scarring and promote even skin tone.

How To Incorporate Chlorophyll Into Your Diet

If you’re wondering where to buy it and how to incorporate you into your routine, Natasha recommends adding liquid chlorophyll to freshwater. She says you should, “Choose a flavored one with mint as it’s truly refreshing and better tasting. Just make sure to go for a quality brand.” We love the Nature’s Way Chlorofresh Chlorophyll Drops, $16. 

Our only word of warning is to be careful when you first try chlorophyll as it may irritate your stomach. Start with a lower dose and increase your usage. As with all supplements, we’d also recommend consulting your doctor before trying it.

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