The Best Smelling Hair AND Body Oil You’ll Ever Use


Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil review

Let me start by saying Jen Atkin knows what she’s doing when it comes to hair – part of the reason why half the A-list trust Jen above anyone else! I don’t think anybody is as passionate about hair care the way Jen is, and since the launch of her haircare brand OUAI, she’s brought my hair back to life with her products. As you can probably guess, I couldn’t wait to test out Jen’s first foray into hair and body with her OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil.

What it is: A deliciously scented, versatile oil that can be used on, yep you guessed it, your hair and body! The unique blend of oils are super nourishing: shea oil and absinthium oil hydrate, while rose hip oil will help to soften scars and soothe redness. Notes of lychee, cedarwood, and bergamot add to the ahhhmazing fragrance.

What it does: Straight, wavy, curly, coiled, whatever your hair is, this oil will werk it! The oil calms frizz, nourishes your hair, and gives a silky, high-gloss finish. It hydrates dry, dull skin, adding softness while giving a gorgeous glow.

What we liked: It’s literally the most delicious-smelling oil ever, or as Jen puts it, it will make you “smell like you own a yacht.” I LOVE this for my hair; it gave me really similar results to the OUAI hair oil I usually use, which is really incredible. I combined two sprays with my conditioner then rinsed my hair, and it left my hair feeling so incredibly soft and smooth, I didn’t even need to add any serum afterward. I think this will be especially great for people with coarse hair, as it will manage and tame your hair without being greasy. For my skin, the texture is super light, it’s extra softening, and I found that it hydrated even after I had applied it, so it didn’t just sit on top of my skin, but it really soaked deep into the epidermis.

What we didn’t like: Nothing! The only thing for me is that I prefer to use a heavier oil on my body, like Caudalie Divine Oil (although I wouldn’t put it on my hair), but that’s a personal preference as I have very dry skin. That said, this is heavenly, and I love that I can use this for everything if I need to.

Overall, I really like this for the body, but I absolutely love it for my hair! I can honestly say Jen has the best hair products I’ve ever used in my life, and I would 100% recommend this!

Price: $32