Want To Boost Hair Growth & Shine? You Need This Ingredient


Silky, smooth, and shiny are three buzzwords we constantly hear in hair ads. However, healthy, hydrated tresses aren’t always the easiest to attain. Hands up if your dealing with post-summer dry, dull locks right now, ’cause we know we are! But don’t worry, as always, we have a solution. Meet vitamin E, a vitamin bursting with antioxidants that wants to help fix all your haircare concerns. Listen up to learn why it’s the bomb.com, plus our fave vitamin E-infused formulas.

Why Vitamin E is THE Bomb

When we say vitamin E is the do-it-all vitamin, rest assured, we ain’t lying! Stimulates hair growth? Check. Boosts scalp health? Check. Increases hair strength and shine? Check, check. Oh, and it’s suitable for all crowns, from curly locks to straight hair. Let us delve a ‘lil deeper: The antioxidant-rich vitamin stimulates blood flow, encouraging healthy hair growth. It also reduces the amount of oxidative stress and free radical damage, minimizing split ends and breakage. Finally, it’s a mega hydrator that seals in moisture for healthier-looking, shinier hair. Can we get a round of applause?

Our Top Vitamin E Picks:

1. Aunt Jackie’s Kids E-Blast Vitamin E & Flaxseed Scalp Remedy, $8

Source: Aunt Jackie’s

Caring for curly hair requires a lotta TLC, but this vitamin E remedy will deliver no matter what your haircare love language may be. Whether you have bouncy coils or are currently slaying a protective style, it’s a sure thing. Formulated with vitamin E, as well as flaxseeds, which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, it nourishes your scalp and hair strands, encouraging new hair growth. It’s literally a no-brainer if you have a dry, irritated scalp, as it’s super gentle and effective. Oh, and it does all of this while leaving your curls hella shiny.

2. Olay Vitamin E Oil Serum, $15

Source: OLAY

It doesn’t get purer than this Olay Vitamin E Oil Serum. Seriously, it only contains two ingredients; a natural oil compound and, of course, vitamin E. Although it’s intended for the skin, this baby works wonders for your hair. The antioxidants alone help fight free radicals and protect it from environmental stressors that would otherwise lead to brittle locks. Plus, as soon as you apply it to your strands, your hair instantly looks healthy and hydrated AF.

3. Khadi Organique Hair Serum, $14

Source: Khadi Organique

Enriched with vitamin E and hair-loving almond oil, this lightweight, non-greasy serum will inject moisture back into dry, damaged hair. Trust us – it’s saved our locks on multiple occasions. The herbal ayurvedic formula not only hydrates the hair but it replenishes your hair strands, minimizing split ends and frizz while giving your hair that glossy sheen.

4. OUAI Hair Oil, $28

Source: OUAI

Suitable for even the finest of hair types, this oil utilizes OUAI smart technology: a blend of nourishing ingredients that includes the likes of vitamin E, keratin, and amino acids (basically all of the good stuff) to condition, strengthen, and hydrate your strands. Better still, it even protects against humidity, which here in Dubai is a must! Shout out to Jen on this one! 

5. Hello Lovely! Hair Gummy Vitamins, $19

Source: Hello Lovely!

Real talk: we’re obsessed with these Hello Lovely! Hair Gummy Vitamins as they include all the essentials for healthy hair. First up, you (obviously) have vitamin E, but they’re also enriched with vitamin A and biotin, which supports scalp health and boosts growth. Not only will they help your hair care, but they’ll simultaneously strengthen your skin and nail game. You just gotta be consistent: take two of these vegan, cruelty-free gummies daily, and after six weeks, you’ll start to see results. 

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