The Coaly Grail: Could Activated Charcoal Be Our New Coconut Oil?

Ingredient Spotlight


Remember when you found out coconut oil would solve all your beauty problems? Well, we’ve just found its twin, activated charcoal powder! This amazing natural product will do everything from whiten your teeth, nix your pores, and cleanse you from the inside out!

How? Activated charcoal is incredibly absorbent! To you and me, that means it literally just sucks up all the dirt and oil. To scientists, it’s an electrical attraction that pulls molecules, ions, and atoms towards its surface so that they stick to it. Medics even use it to treat poisonous bites!

So, what is this detoxifying, magical activated charcoal good for?
Face masks: Binding the dirt and toxins in your skin, activated charcoal pulls impurities from your pores, to cleanse and ultimately, with all that dirt gone, refine and clear your complexion. You can buy a mask or make your own with activated charcoal powder, aloe vera, and rose water. It’s also meant to work miracles on acne.
Teeth whitening: Load up your toothbrush with your normal toothpaste, dip it in activated charcoal powder and brush away. It absorbs plaque and all that other stuff to leave you with pearly whites that even Simon Cowell might envy.
Hair cleansing: Activated charcoal will rid your hair of excess oil and dirt. And, with all that excess build-up and residue gone, it will make your hair super lightweight – et voilà, extra volume, without all the products. It’s also insanely good for your scalp and is said to remedy dandruff and itchiness.
Bye bye bloating: Apparently, activated charcoal stops gas from forming in the gut, so pop a 500mg capsule before your cabbage or whatever makes you gassy!
Drink it up: As well as handy activated charcoal capsules that will remedy a multitude of body problems, health brands are concocting it into drinks; designed to cleanse your liver and aid digestion.
Just imagine what activated charcoal and coconut oil could do together!

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