The Easiest Eyeliner I've EVER Used! Meet Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy

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Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy Eyeliner

Hey my loves! I’m SO happy I can finally reveal my newest baby and a true product innovation: Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy Precision Liquid Liner. I cannot tell you guys just how much I am completely obsessed with this product, and I know this will become a makeup bestie for so many of you.

Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy Eyeliner

Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy is, without a doubt, the easiest eyeliner you’ll ever use – I swear I’ve even seen eyeliner beginners who have literally never worn eyeliner slay the perfect cat-eye using this. Plus, it has the same incredible staying power as our OG Life Liner. It’s going to change the way you use eyeliner, whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

Meet Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy Precision Liquid Liner

I’m not exaggerating; this is the easiest liner I’ve used in my entire life. The custom-made, super fine brush tip provides next-level precision as well as maximum control. Plus, the progressive flow delivery system enables a constant flow of ink so your liner glides on without skipping or pulling. Seriously, the tip is so fine you can create tiny hair-like strokes.

Just like our OG liner, it’s jet-black matte in the shade Very Vanta, so you get the extreme black pigment payoff that lasts all day. You know I’m all about the long-wear, so our water-based formula is all-day wear, waterproof, sweat-proof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof, flake-proof, and pool-party proof, but don’t stress, it’s still easy to remove at the end of the day. I can’t wait for you guys to get creating with it!

The Inspiration

When we created our first eyeliner two years ago, my goal was to create the blackest matte liner that would never smudge, bleed, or fade throughout the day. This was super important to me as I never touch up my makeup during the day – I literally just don’t have the time – and I wanted that one liner that would last through it all. Our Life Liner Duo Pencil & Liquid Liner ticked all of my boxes: it was the longest-lasting eyeliner (48 hours!) in THE blackest matte shade, named Very Vanta. Needless to say, it was a total game-changer for me and so many of you fellow eyeliner lovers.

Life Liner Quick and Easy-5

However, this was definitely a liner made with my fellow liner-lovers in mind, and it required a little liner experience to use the liner with ease. The thing is, I wear eyeliner almost every single day – it makes me feel so sexy – and I want everyone to experience the same amazing liner qualities, whether they’re a liner newbie or a pro. So, I decided I had to expand the Life Liner family and create something that everyone could use to slay a cat-eye in seconds. Not only would it enable beginners to master a feline flick, but it would take any of you pros out there to new liner heights and help you create anything, from a stunning graphic line to a floating liner look. And honestly, I couldn’t be prouder of the final product! I swear this is the liner that’ll give any of you that flick, cat-eye or liner of your dreams.

Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy Eyeliner

The Campaign

Anyone in my team will tell you that I’m obsessed with Celine Bernaerts. Literally, for months I kept on asking, when can we do something with Celine? When can we do something with Celine? So, when we were discussing our Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy campaign, I realized this was finally the perfect opportunity to work with her. Celine is such an incredible artist – so unique, creative and precise – and she’s constantly slaying the dopest liner looks. She is just SUCH a snack. So we invited her out to Dubai to shoot the campaign with us, and she was such a dream to work with. Her skills are insane, and the looks she created with our Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy are beyond dope.

How I Create My Signature Cat Eye

I have been obsessed with eyeliner since I was a teenager. I wear it almost every day as it just makes me feel so confident and sexy. Over the years, my liner style has changed slightly, but in general, I like an exaggerated wing. Right now, I love focusing my attention on the outer and inner corners, with a thick yet snatched wing. I also like my liner to lift my eye to create the illusion of an almond eye shape.

Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy Eyeliner

My secret for the perfect wing? Instead of starting your wing from the waterline, go just above the waterline to create a slightly lifted effect. I also like to create the shape of each wing before I finish drawing along my lash line to ensure both wings are symmetrical. Do the same when you’re outlining the shape for the inner corner; however, go a smidge below the tear duct. This will help elongate the eye and make it look a little more lifted. You can then connect the inner corner with the outer corner.

More Eyeliner Hacks

Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy Eyeliner

  • Get into position: Hold your mirror slightly below the eye so that when you’re doing your liner, your lashes are down – it makes the process so much easier.
  • Use a sticky note as a guide to get a clean straight wing: This trick is great for beginners! Start by placing the sticky note edge along the lower lash line and angle it so that it meets near the tail end of your brow. Use this edge as a guide to create your wing. Wait for the liner to set, then slowly peel away the sticky note.
  • Store your eyeliner correctly: For optimum use, store your liner tip down and shake before use for optimum ink flow.

Our Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy Precision Eyeline, $19, £16, €19, 83 AED, will be available to shop online on on the 8th of August and in-stores on August 17th. Sign up to the waitlist here to be the first to shop. I can’t wait for you guys to try it!