The Gorgeous Armani/Privé Fragrances for UAE National Day!



My first thoughts when I received these Armani/Privé fragrances from Giorgio Armani was “OMGGGGG they are beautiful!” They actually arranged the perfume bottles to resemble the UAE National Flag, just in time for our National Day which was the 2nd of December!

The bottles are insanely gorgeous and I’m inlove with the Pivoine Suzhoe fragrance because it contains these stunning silky pearl flakes which slightly shimmer wherever you spray it. The flakes are incredibly fine, and unlike most products which contain shimmer, the pigment does not transfer. The fragrance is inspired by a legendary garden in Suzhoe, an ancient Chinese city, and is also a celebration of China’s most beloved flower – the peony. It is a floral fragrance without being overly sweet or floral…if that makes sense. It’s something I’d wear during the day and at night because although it’s an extremely elegant fragrance, it’s very sensual at the same time. Incase you missed my Snapchat on the day, check it out below. You’ll also see some of the shimmers after I sprayed the fragrance. 🙂