The Incredible Skincare Product I’ve Used For 15 Years

product review

ole henriksen power peel facialIt’s rare I find a beauty product that’s completely irreplaceable, but the Power Peel Transforming Facial System by Ole Henriksen has remained a staple member of my beauty routine for forever. I’ve been using this 3-step process facial for 15 years, and it’s literally THE BEST way to remove all kinds of dead skin. The genius step-by-step process was actually created after one of their celebrity clients begged for an on-the-go version of their famous facial service. The result is an insanely good exfoliating polish, peel, and clay mask that leaves your skin feeling like velvet.

What it is: A professional facial with a 3-step microdermabrasion and AHA peel for the ultimate at-home complexion transformation. It treats dull and uneven skin tone and works wonders on all skin types.

What it does: The first step is an exfoliating Almond Polish Facial Scrub, which uses bamboo extracts and oat kernel flour to buff away dead skin cells. Step two is the Instant Transformation Lemon Facial Peel: it uses alpha hydroxy acids, (which occur naturally in fruits and break down the outer layers of skin to reveal new, healthy cells) and glycolic and lactic acids to smooth skin and soften the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. Lastly, the soothing Chamomile Comfort Mask calms your skin with evening primrose seed extracts.

What we liked: I LOVE everything about this facial, and so does my skin! The almond scrub is invigorating, and you can really feel it making a difference, plus it smells so good I could eat it! I rub it everywhere for a good 2 minutes and then wash it off with a bamboo cloth – the kit also comes with really great sponges for this purpose. The lemon peel is one of THE most amazing things I have ever used: it gives you crazy radiance and boosts your skin’s hydration. Although, it can sting when you use it, especially in the areas where you’ve scrubbed vigorously with the Almond Polish – but hey, the stinging lets you know the peel’s working, right? Oh, and definitely don’t leave it on for longer than the 2 minutes it says, trust me on that! When you apply the chamomile mask on top, your skin is immediately soothed, and you can sit back and relax for 15 minutes. Then rinse it away, and you’re completely selfie-ready.

What we didn’t like: Literally NOTHING! Even the price is incredibly fair. You get six facials in a box, but I actually only use half, and usually split one with Alya or Mona, so technically you get 12. It works out at a fraction of the price of a salon facial, and you can do it from home too.

I’ve always had super sensitive skin, but this just works ahhhmazingly. It doesn’t break you out; it just leaves your skin in flawless condition with everything buffed to perfection. I recommend this to everyone!

Price: $50