The Insane Beauty Secret I Discovered In Iceland


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Hey my loves! If you didn’t see on my Instagram page, I recently went to Iceland to visit the Blue Lagoons for my birthday… It is literally one of THE most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to! Not only is the countryside absolutely stunning, and there are so many interesting things to do, but they have some seriously impressive natural beauty supplies that do EVERYTHING for your skin!

Because there’s so much volcanic activity on the island, there are tons of natural hot springs and thermal pools. We were super lucky to stay at the most famous thermal pool resort, the Blue Lagoon, which is enriched with skin-beautifying silica.

The pure white silica is a dissolved primary rock, brought directly from the Earth’s mantle and enriched with essential minerals. At the Blue Lagoon, it comes in the form of white mud, and it’s amazing for strengthening the skin barrier, skin renewal, and deep cleansing. The Blue Lagoon is actually manmade, and it combines seawater (also incredibly healing for your skin) and water pumped from the natural hot springs of the Blue Lagoon, which is rich in silica.

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Not only is the experience of being in the Blue Lagoon incredibly relaxing, but my skin has never felt softer. The antibacterial properties of the water and the rich minerals are ideal, if like me, you’re prone to breakouts, while the other minerals like calcium, magnesium, and lithium also help improve your skin. It’s even said that bathing in hot springs increases collagen production, and if done regularly, it can help keep premature aging away – I could honestly live in a hot spring, so I would happily test that out!

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I was also pleasantly surprised with the beauty products from the Blue Lagoon! I’ve actually started using a few of these in my daily beauty regime – they’re rich in minerals and silica– I love them.

the blue lagoon products

The Body Oil, $91, is my fave new product to use in my bath or when I get out of the shower, as it sinks in really quickly and makes my skin feel like I just got out of the Blue Lagoon. I also can’t stop using the Body Lotion, $56, which is made with the unique patented Blue Lagoon Algae. For my face, I’m dying over the Silica Mud Mask, $115, which harnesses the Blue Lagoon’s silica powers to deep cleanse pores, strengthen your skin’s barrier, and help reduce the appearance of pores – the dream! Fortunately, you don’t have to go all the way there to get them (they’re online as well), but if you can, I highly recommend a trip to Iceland to try the hot springs and geothermal waters for yourself!

Have you guys been to Iceland and tried the hot spring there? Let me know if it made your skin feel as amazing as mine did! Oh and BTW, this post has not been sponsored in ANY way; I really am just so in love with Iceland and hyped by this new discovery and had to share it with you guys!