The KKW x Mario Collection Sold Out: Here's What We Think


KKW X Mario collection

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the beauty community freaked out a bit when Kim Kardashian revealed she would be doing a collection with her long-time makeup artist friend, Mario Dedivanovic. While I’ve had my ups and down with the KKW collection – I loved the powder contour palette but wasn’t blown away with the concealer kit – I was really pumped to see what she would do with Mario. The KKW x Mario collection celebrates 10 years of Mario and Kim’s relationship working together as makeup artist and muse, and includes one lipstick and two glosses to recreate Kim’s classic nude lip. Of course, there’s an eyeshadow palette too, and each shade name has a personal meaning to the pair. I truly think Mario is a hugely talented MUA, so I was psyched to try this collection; here’s my verdict.

The Crème Lipstick, $20: This is a seriously gorgeous nude shade with peachy, warm brown undertones. It glided on smoothly and felt really comfortable and hydrating on. It’s not a long-wearing formula, but it’s very richly pigmented, and it did last well. The only thing I found was that it smelt kinda funky, but it’s so pretty that I’ll be wearing it anyway.

KKW X Mario swatches

The Lip Glosses, $18: The nude glosses are super shiny and a little sticky, but not in an uncomfortable way. My favorite shade was Juicy, which is similar to the lipstick – it has peachy undertones with a pink pearlescence to it. This looked really pretty by itself with our Bombshell Liquid Matte, and also layered on top of the lipstick. I wasn’t a big fan of the Super Nude shade, which is very pale with a slightly gold pearl undertone, but it just washed me out. This could look good on a deeper rosy pink base, but by itself, I didn’t find it flattering.

The 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette, $45: I have to admit, I was hoping for more of a nude palette from Kim and Mario, as that’s what I associate Kim with. Saying that, the colors are really beautiful and work nicely together. They did an amazing job with the formula for the mattes and shimmers, both were creamy, blended beautifully with very little fallout, and they all had great color payoff. The only thing I would say is that I didn’t find the shimmers very shimmery, except for the cobalt blue shade, Libra, which is really divine, if a little unexpected, as this isn’t a color I relate with Kim. Overall, you can create some pretty looks with this, and the blue shade adds a new dimension if you do want to be a bit playful.

My favorite product from the collection was definitely the lipstick, and I would recommend trying this if you’re on the lookout for a new nude.

Price: You can shop the full collection for $85 as a bundle at here.