The Secret Celebs Use To Fight Cellulite


Huda Kattan, Harpers Bazaar
Hey, my loves! I thought since winter’s coming to an end and bare leg season is just around the corner, I’d introduce you to a beauty tool that gives literally the smoothest, sexiest skin and even helps to banish cellulite. The magical tool is a dry brush, and I promise it’ll give you the best at-home exfoliation, while also helping to make your skin look more supple and flawless. It’s a dermatologist staple, and wellness celebs like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it. It’s not just an exfoliator on a stick either, the motion of dry brushing helps to boost circulation and increase lymphatic drainage. When I first started using a dry brush, even I wasn’t sure how it could minimize the appearance of cellulite, but literally, within a month the results spoke for themselves, and I’ve been hooked ever since…

How It Works:

The movement of the brush strokes (always brush towards your heart) helps boost lymphatic drainage, the process that eliminates harmful toxins from your body. More specifically, it helps remove stagnant toxins which over time cause connective tissue to break down, which is what leads to cellulite. It also helps to exfoliate and smooth the skin, reducing the appearance of any existing cellulite. Because it promotes blood circulation, it allows oxygenated blood to be delivered to the organs more efficiently, promoting healthy kidney function. Some naturopathic doctors have even told me it helps with bloating and aids digestion, as by massaging the lymph nodes, you help your body shed excess water. I also find dry brushing really helpful for keeping ingrown hairs at bay, as it opens up the pores and pushes the hair out.

How To Choose A Dry Brush


Our top picks: 1. Elemis ($20). 2. Bath & Bodyworks ($10.50) 3. Redecker ($15) 4. Mio ($20) 5. Karmameju ($74) 6.SUVÉ ($114) 7. SUVÉ ($114).

The bristles should be firm, but not too harsh. Some brushes are much softer than others, which makes them more suitable for delicate areas like your arms and chest. It’s mostly down to personal preference and how firm you like your bristles to be. We like to look for brushes that have a long handle as these enable you to reach all of those trickier areas. Also, since you can literally keep your brush forever (as long as you keep it in good condition), it’s the perfect product to invest in. That’s why I love the SUVÉ brushes; the quality of the products is amazing, and they don’t feel coarse on your skin. I also really like Mio’s The Body Brush, $20 (above, number 4), which is an awesome, more affordable option you can try.

How Should I Use A Dry Brush?

I feel like so many people easily fall into the trap of using a dry brush incorrectly, which makes them way less effective. The key element that you have to get right is the brush strokes. Start with your feet, making small upwards motions towards your heart. After you’ve done your lower body, do your upper body followed by your stomach, here you should use circular motions in a counterclockwise pattern. Remember not to apply too much pressure, so you don’t end up over-exfoliating.

Dry brushing is actually quite an invigorating experience, so I like to do it in the morning. I also like to use my favorite essential oils, so I apply a couple of drops to the palm of my hand and coat the bristles with the oil. Always dry brush before you shower, as you’re essentially removing dead skin. After showering, apply moisturizer or a body oil – I love to use organic, virgin coconut oil. Once you start doing this, you’ll become obsessed!

I hope you enjoy using these brushes as much as I do! Let me know if any of you have tried dry brushing in the comments below.