What You Need To Know Before You Commit To The Celeb Hairstyle Of The Year


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There’s no denying 2018 has been the year of the bob. Seriously, it feels like all of our fav celebs have taken the plunge and made the chop. And as much as we love drooling over their shaggy lobs and blunt A-line cuts, making the bob commitment, for us, is pretty terrifying. Unlike the A-listers, if it does go wrong, there isn’t the safety blanket of a daily hairstylist or unlimited hair extensions to make amends. BUT, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a bob, you just need to know what style will work best with the texture of your hair. To help, we spoke to celeb hairstylist and Vogue’s go-to hair artist, Eduardo Bravo, to get his top tips for the perfect bob. He assured us that “anyone can have a bob, you just need to know how to customize it.” Here’s how:

Check out your neck

Although your face shape undoubtedly plays a role in the style of any haircut, Eduardo says that when it comes to bobs, considering your neck length is crucial. The general rule he lives by is “if you have a long neck you should play with a shorter bob that’s roughly around chin length, and if you have a short neck, you should rock a longer bob aka a lob.”

Choose a style that works with your hair texture 

The texture of your hair plays a huge role in any hairstyle, especially when it comes to a bob – it’s basically the make or break of any short hairdo – you don’t want to end up with helmet hair or an overly round bob that makes you look more like Annie than Jackie O.

Here’s how to pick a bob according to your hair type:

Straight hair

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If you have straight hair, you’re in luck because you can totally rock a razor-sharp bob, which is possibly the hottest hair trend right now. Eduardo says that with this style “it’s a good idea to do a slight undercut, so ask your stylist to remove some weight from the bottom,” which he explains will help “accentuate the blunt cut.” On a day-to-day basis, this is a very low maintenance style, but keep in mind that you’ll have to get regular trims (approximately every four weeks) to keep it looking sleek.

Wavy hair 

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Eduardo says that when you have wavy hair, you “want to work with your natural texture,” and he recommends “a softer lob.” It’s a good idea to get the weight taken out of the bottom, especially with wavy hair, so that you can avoid helmet hair. The bottom line is: you basically want to avoid a blunt or choppy cut and instead go for “a shaggy bob that’s effortless and easy so that it complements the natural textures of your hair.”

Top tip: Eduardo’s fav styling secret for this hair texture is to air dry it using the right products. So, to get perfectly tousled curls, grab some curl cream and flatten your hair at the roots, tucking it neatly behind the ears (depending on how wild your hair is, you can secure it with bobby pins). Then using the excess cream, scrunch the rest of your hair around the nape of the neck. When it’s dry, you’ll have a soft curl around the front of your face and loose, undone curls at the back – it’s the ultimate it-girl hairstyle.

Tight curls 

Tight curls can look super cute in a bob, although Eduardo says “that you have to be prepared to take more time when drying and styling.” You should also ask your stylist to do a dry cut your hair, as this will help them see the style as they’re cutting it, and it will also resemble the shape of the cut when you let your hair dry naturally.

Styling tips: Eduardo says that with tight curls “you need to section the hair, and then twist your curls using your fingers: the secret is always to focus away from the face if you want a more natural look, and if you want more volume, to twist the curls both away from the face, and towards the face. Although the most important rule to know according to Eduardo is that the “smaller the section the tighter the curls, and the larger the section the looser the curl.”

Still not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge and chop a bob? Maybe some of these looks will inspire you!

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If you’re stillll not sure, try an app like Style My Hair, which will allow you to try the look on! Let us know if you’re tempted to make the commitment and live for the ‘short hair don’t care’ vibe in the comments below.