The Ultimate Beauty Oil?!

product review

Shiffa Huda Beauty

It’s very seldom that I find a body oil where it feels like it’s sinking deep into my skin and nourishing it. I’ve tried A LOT of oils, yet the Shiffa Luxury Gold Body Oil is just on another level of incredible.

Besides the fact that I’m obsessed with Dr Lamees – the Woman behind the Brand, I love that the oil is gold-infused and it has a really thick consistency. As soon as you use it, you can feel it seeping through into the deeper layers of your skin, leaving you with super soft skin.

What it is: An all-natural body oil infused with real gold pieces and hero actives such as Jasmine, Lemon, Orange, and Argan oil.

What it does: Gold has been used for various beauty products for thousands of years, and it was reportedly first used by the Ancient Egyptians. The oil promises to stimulate blood circulation as well as nourish and soften the skin. Argan Oil is rich in fatty acids, which protects the skin from drying out and softens signs of aging.

What we liked: As soon as I used it, I immediately felt that the oil had gone deep into my skin. Unlike most oils, I could feel my skin getting softer and softer as time went by. It doesn’t smell like a regular oil; Shiffa is based on only natural ingredients so they do not add any type of fragrance to their products. I also found out it works even better (and this is my fav way to use it) – in the bath! Adding some oil in my bath worked really well and my skin felt sooooo smooth afterwards without having to put additional product on.

What we didn’t like: I feel like because it is so thick, it may have transferred some oil on to my bed sheets at night, and although I love the fact that it’s such a deeply nourishing oil, I think that the thickness may not work for everyone. Regarding the bottle itself, the only thing to comment on is the fact that the opening of the bottle does not have a nozzle or stopper on it, so you need to be careful when pouring the oil.

Would I recommend it? Definitely – I loved it!

Price: $68