The Weirdest Beauty On The Internet Right Now – We’re Shook



In the world of beauty, there are no rules! And one thing that never changes, is that we’re always thirsty for more and more. The latest offering to grab our attention may be weird AF, like mixing all your foundations together or putting rubber on your face, but we’re here for it. Check out the crazy beauty we’re gossiping about this week:

Silicone Brushes

silicone brushes

First we tried the boob blender, by that we mean a silicone bra padding insert – and truth be told, it actually worked to blend foundation, plus it saved SO much product! Then came the real version, silicone makeup blenders – just like a makeup sponge, but made of silicone. The latest addition to the sili family is silicone brushes, but beware; they’re not an all-around beauty device like your trusted beautyblender. While we love silicone because it lets us get the most out of our cream and liquid products, like foundation and cream eyeshadows, they’re the worst tool for using with powders or attempting to blend out any contour or cream highlights. The verdict, they cost $9 on Amazon, so if you want to play around with these, you won’t regret trying them with your foundation or cream eyeshadows!

Mixing All Your Foundations – AKA Frakindation

YouTuber Safiya Nygaard has started a trend, and it’s a genius idea… Mixing ALL your foundations together – yes, that’s right, mix up all your foundations to create the ultimate foundation. Does this sound crazy? Yes! Does it work? We’re actually shook at the results! First Sofia tried it, then Laura Lee tried it, and our latest update comes from the gorgeous Manny MUA. The final verdict… mixing up all your foundations gives a flawless finish. We cannot believe that mixing up to 30 foundations is working, but in most cases, the final formula was a full-coverage, flawless color match, that lasted nicely for a good six hours of wear. We’re totally trying this out first thing tomorrow morning!

Foreo UFO Mask

UFO Foreo

Never failing to impress us, Foreo’s newest addition to their beauty tech portfolio has us screaming STFU! The UFO smart masks promise a treatment like a professional facial in just 90 seconds, completely mess-free – we’re here for that! The masks will combine heating, cooling, and T-Sonic pulsations to deliver the ingredients more effectively into the upper dermal layers. You can then choose a Korean-inspired mask packed with active ingredients to suit your skin – like hyaluronic acid and red algae extract for hydration, or ginseng for revitalizing. You can grab yourself a bargain by backing the project on Kickstarter here.

Moon Juice Beauty Dust

Beauty Dust

Drinking and eating your way to being more beautiful is the hottest trend to hit the industry, and we’re down to try all of it! The latest addition is a herbal supplement designed to boost your body’s antioxidant levels (to fight free-radical damage), improve your skin’s collagen levels, and help your body to cope with stress. Effectively helping you look and age better, Beauty Dust ($38) combines ingredients like goji, rehmannia (a popular herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine), and Schisandra berry, which is an adaptogen that helps to reduce stress levels in your blood – see why that’s so important here!

Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Rubber Masks

Dr Jart face masks

We live for DIY – nay, we’re obsessed with it – so when we get the chance to do some mixing, our hearts skip a little beat. Imagine how excited we were with Dr. Jart’s latest offering; a rubber mask that comes in a mixing cup, complete with straw/spatula! They’re not just super fun to use, they’re also packed with amazing ingredients (we love his sheet masks), and you can choose from four types to target whatever skin concern you have: hydrating, smoothing, brightening, and firming.

To use, you combine the two formulas in the cup, and replace the lid. Then with your finger firmly over the straw hole (you don’t want rubber mask all over your bathroom), you shake up your rubber mask cocktail. Once shaken to a smooth rubbery formula, use the spatula to apply the mask all over your face. In 20 minutes, you’ll be left with a dry rubber mask that you can peel away. Shop Dr.Jart masks, $12, here.