These Cheap AF Makeup Brushes Will Airbrush EVERRRYTHING!


spectrum makeup brushes

If you’re anything like us, you’re a sucker for a good makeup brush. We like them in metallic finishes, covered in gemstones, and in all different colors – seriously, we like our brush collection eclectic! We’re also big believers that a great makeup brush doesn’t need to cost a bomb to be really great, and that’s definitely the case with the gorgeous new brushes we tried from Spectrum.

We tried the full 35-piece set and were seriously impressed with the quality and the results we got with the brushes. Not only does Spectrum have a ton of seriously cute brush sets – there’s a Mean Girls Collection we need to get our hands on – but each brush we tried performed really well. So, while a full collection of 35 brushes goes for $198 (less than $6 a brush) and is definitely an investment, you can buy brushes individually, which range from $4.50 to $14. And considering the quality, that’s pretty good.

All of the brushes are made with synthetic fibers and feel incredibly soft and pick up and disperse powder formulas really well.

Our fave brushes:

spectrum makeup brushes

For the Face: We’re obsessed with the B01 ($11) flat-topped, super soft foundation brush! It blends out liquid and stick foundations beautifully, giving great even coverage and leaving a streak-free finish to your foundation. We like to use circular motions to spread the product and then finish with a stippling motion for flawless full coverage.

For applying bronzer around the temples and under the cheekbones, the angled Spectrum C04 brush, $12.50, is perfect, but if you prefer a slightly smaller brush to really target your contour, or for multitasking with blush, go for the A05, $8.50, which is still super fluffy but about half the size for more targeted application.

Finally, we love to use the C02 Brush, $12.50, which is a tightly packed, straight-shaped brush that works SO well for applying cream contour and blending out along the nose and around the cheekbones.

spectrum makeup brushes

For the Eyes: In our crease, we love to use the A22, which has tightly packed bristles and a slanted edge for really targeted concentrated application of pigment, but for a more blended look, the fluffier B04 Brush, $6, is perfect for sweeping eyeshadow along the crease and contouring the eye.

To blend, the B06 Brush, $6, gives great control, while if you want to blend your shadows in a hurry, we love to use the C06. For applying eyeshadow along the lower lash line or packing on shimmer eyeshadows, the A13 Smudge Brush, $6, is perfect.

We love that Spectrum do loads of sets, so if you need a collection of brushes, you can get better value by buying a set, which also comes with a cute pouch to store them in for traveling.

Have you guys tried Spectrum brushes? Let us know in the comments below.