This 90s Hair Trend Is About To Make A Comeback


There’s honestly no 90s trend that isn’t making a comeback right now, even thin brows appear to be edging their way back into our lives. And although we may still be wary of pencil brows, if there’s one trend we’re welcoming back with open arms, it’s the scrunchie. They’re so cute and retro, and they’re actually a lot better for our hair than a regular hair tie. Plus, now that we’re seeing scrunchies in a new light, we’re seriously digging the trend! So, we thought we’d give you some major hair inspo and show you all of the ways the influencers are reinventing this 90s hair trend.

How it could save your hair

Even if the scrunchie throwback hasn’t instantly swayed you to wear this hair piece, this will; when you tie your hair up using an elastic, it can strain the hair follicles, causing them to become inflamed and potentially damaging them to such an extent that they can no longer complete their growth cycle. Scrunchies are also much softer on your hair and are less likely to break the hair shaft, so you’re more likely to get fewer split ends in the long run.

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Another celeb who’s a 90s girl at heart is Bella. If it’s not matrix sunglasses, it’s army pants and flip-flops. Plus, those side bangs with the top knot is a killer combo, topped off with a scrunchie? We can’t.

We can’t decide what we love more: the scrunchie or the cobalt blue eyeshadow…

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Camila proves that a scrunchie doesn’t have to be a teen accessory, it can be grown up, chic and sassy.


When it comes to scrunchies, we don’t believe in the “less is more” vibe, at all. Whether you choose to be extra via your choice of fabric, or simply by stacking multiple scrunchies in different fabrics, we believe in fully committing to the trend. Here are some of the cutest looks we’ve seen on Instagram:

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