This Ancient Practice Could Be The Secret To Changing Your Life

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Want to increase your positivity and productivity, be more balanced and broaden your mental horizons? You need to feng shui your life… STAT! You’re probably wondering what that actually means – you’ve heard of it, but the actual idea of feng shui seems kinda complex. It’s really all about the flow of energy (chi), and how you can optimize your life by directing that energy in the best way to improve your mental wellbeing, health, and productivity.

The practice of feng shui is thousands of years old and essentially aims to create good health – essentially, good feng shui means good health. Without going into too much detail, by balancing yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies, you can harmonize the space around you to create a balance that allows you to live your best life, literally!

So, we spoke to feng shui expert and collaborator with luxury perfume brand The Harmonist, Priya Sher, who taught us everything from how to feng shui your desk, your bedroom, and your home to your love life. Here’s everything you need to know:

Hold Up, What Is Feng Shui?


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“Feng shui is about studying the flow and movement of energy within a space and purposefully guiding it to offer the greatest benefit to the occupants,” Priya tells us. She explains that in the home, “The quality of energy is determined after a thorough analysis of the form and compass orientation of the space. For homes, it’s especially important to align the space with the occupants using their date of birth to optimize the energy of the space to suit them. Feng shui can be applied to any space.” In fact, the layout of our Huda Beauty offices are based on Feng Shui.

How Feng Shui Can Impact Your Personal Life

While Feng Shui is centered around your home, Priya explains that this will impact your personal life too: “Homes are a reflection of their occupants. Each part of the home represents a family member, an aspect of our life and also an organ and area of our body. If any part is missing, neglected or has negative energy then this is reflected in the life of its occupant. For example, if the southwest of the property was full of clutter then this would affect the mother or eldest female in the home, making her life stressful or blocking opportunities from reaching her. If for example, only a male lived in this house and the southwest was missing, it could mean that he would have problems finding a relationship or that he’d have stomach issues.”

How To Feng Shui Your Desk


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If your working space is cluttered then it could be impacting your productivity and preventing you from reaching your full She-E-O potential. Here are Priya’s top tips for finding balance in the workplace:

Positioning: “Firstly the position of the desk is important. The back of the chair for your desk should be positioned so that it has a solid wall behind it, allowing you to sit with a full view of the room. You should not have a window, shelves or a door right behind you,” Priya tells us.

Declutter: “An uncluttered desk is an uncluttered mind. To organize your desk, first empty everything from it and then only replace it with what you absolutely need. I’ve seen desks full of paper clips, pens, pencils and old paperwork etc that just clogs up space. All of these things need to be put away so that the energy can circulate freely. Papers on the desk should only be the ones you need for that day. As soon as you’ve finished with them file them away.”

Get a plant: “If you have a computer on your desk then place a peace lily plant near it: peace lily plants are great for soaking in electromagnetic toxins.”

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Priya points out that we “Spend around a third of our life in the bedroom, so having positive energy is essential.” So basically, you need to turn your bedroom into a zen oasis, here’s how:


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Have a neutral color palette: Priya says you should: “Paint the walls a light neutral or pastel color. Avoid bold bright colored walls or heavily patterned wallpapers, as these are too yang and thus disturb the calm yin ‘chi,’ that is required for the bedroom.”

Position the bed: “The position of the bed is also key: The ideal location for the bed is the area diagonally opposite the bedroom door. The headboard of the bed needs to have the support of a solid wall. The bed should not be placed in front of a window or have shelves, overhanging cupboards, sloping ceilings or heavy artwork or beams above the head of it. These create stress and pressure for the occupant and disturb their sleep,” explains Priya

Say no to technology: Priya advises to “Keep electrical items to a minimum as they can disturb the calm energy that is required in a bedroom. The blue light from phones and electrical gadgets can disturb sleep and more importantly over time electromagnetic stress can exhaust you both mentally and physically.”

For your love life: According to Priya, feng shui can even enhance your relationship “If you are in or planning to be in a relationship then select a double bed. Place bedside tables either side of it to provide balance, stability, and support. Place a lightly fragranced candle, curvy lamp, and rose quartz crystal on each table to enhance love ‘chi’.”

Priya’s Top Tips To Zen-ify Your Life


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“When the energy of your space is balanced then there is more harmony in your life. Your space is a reflection of you, look after every area with love and care and this will enhance your wellbeing,” says Priya.

For wealth: “The door of your home relates to wealth so ensure it’s in perfect condition and opens smoothly so that money can enter unobstructed. Place a healthy green plant on either side of the front door to attract positive energy to enter,” explains Priya.

For opportunities: To enhance your opportunities; Priya tells us to “Keep the hallway in your home uncluttered; shoes and coats must be placed in a closed cupboard as they can stagnate the energy. Place a mirror on one of the walls (but not directly opposite the door) to enhance opportunities. Place fresh flowers or a money plant on a console table in the hall to instantly uplift the energy here. Fresh flowers and plants also represent the wood element which relates to new opportunities.”

For good health: “From a Feng Shui perspective, a dining table is a very important consideration as it relates to your health and provides a space where you can concentrate mindfully on what you are eating – these days many people eat too fast and don’t concentrate and appreciate what they are nourishing themselves with. Often we sit with our phones next to us and start answering calls while we eat which disturbs the joy of eating. In Feng Shui we consider the dining space to relate with the spleen which relates to the element Earth, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine is concerned with digestion,” Priya tells us.

Have you guys ever tried feng shui before? Let us know if you’re going to try any of these tips in the comments below.