This Chrome Mask Says it Can Give You Sexy Contours – But Does It Work?

product review

We’ve tried peel-off masks before, but what we were most interested in this one was testing its claims to give you “more toned, sexy contours” (their words, not ours).
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What it is: A brush-on, peel-off treatment mask to firm and tone skin.

What it does: Helps to lift, tone, and tighten skin.

What we liked: We loved that this comes with a mini brush that easily spreads this gooey, marshmallow-like mask over our skin. Just make sure you avoid the eye area, brows, and hair line since it might be tricky to peel off from those areas. This mask felt otherworldly – it could have been that it sets to a brilliant, Tin Man-chrome, or maybe the light coconut-ey scent got to us. Whatever the case, after 30 minutes, the mask easily (and not painfully!) peels off to what we felt after a few uses was a brighter, tighter result.

What we didn’t like: Admittedly, it took a few go’s for us to really appreciate it (and because we might have mistakenly tried to wash it off the first time instead of peeling it off – it is water-soluble so it did dissolve but after a few minutes of scrubbing over the sink). Our skin did glow after peeling off – we’re not entirely sure if it was the silver residue from the chrome. That said, “sexy contours” might be overstating it. Basically, don’t expect miracles but it is a good mask for a weekly reset…and your next Instagram pic.

Price: $69