This 2-In-1 Concealer Will Hide & Destroy Your Pimples!


bye bye breakout concealer

If you’re anything like us, dealing with breakouts is a regular occurrence. Whether it’s hormonal cysts on our chin or blemishes on our cheeks (probably due to excess sugar consumption!), we’re dealing with them all the time. Even if our skincare routine is in check, sometimes pimples are unavoidable, which means most of the time, we find ourselves searching for the perfect full-coverage concealer so we can erase those babies when we want to.

The thing is, most of the time, we feel like adding makeup to our pimples is probably not the best long-term solution to their disappearance from our face – even if it’s a great short-term solution. That is until we came across a hybrid formula that fuses the powers of a pimple-drying formula with potent pigments so that it can treat our pimple while concealing it; meet the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Full-Coverage Concealer, $28.

Obviously, we had to test this out, and fortunately (also slightly annoyingly), we had plenty of pimples to test it on. Here’s the full scoop:

What it is: Developed by plastic surgeons specifically for oily and acne-prone skin, the pigmented formula is designed to conceal blemishes, redness, and discoloration without creasing or cracking.

What’s in it: Tea tree, sulfur, and witch hazel soothe and reduce inflammation, while zinc oxide and kaolin clay help to dry out your pimple and control oil. AHAs and salicylic acid also help to work deeper in the pores to de-clog and exfoliate.

bye bye breakout concealer

What we like: So, this is basically like color-infused skincare and we LOVE the concept! The formula comes in a glass pot with a doe-foot applicator (reminiscent of a drying solution formula), which makes targeted application extra easy. The formula worked well on bare skin, and it played well with different foundations. We found that we got the most coverage from this when we used it with a concealer brush as opposed to a makeup sponge, as the lightweight formula did not retain its coverage with a damp sponge.

Application tips: After applying foundation, dab the formula onto your blemish and use a dense concealer brush to gently pat and blend into the skin. You can also use a dry makeup sponge to blend out around the edges to ensure a flawless finish. Set with a light dusting of powder.

What we didn’t like: We found that this formula does oxidize – it gets slightly darker after initial application – which means you should opt for a shade fairer than your initial choice or go to a store to find the best match. We also wish there were more shades, as currently there are only seven shades (the fairest and deepest shades need expanding), which means this won’t be a perfect match for everyone.

The results: We really liked using this, especially because it’s nice to know you’re treating your pimple at the same time as covering it, rather than potentially aggravating it. We did notice that our pimples went away more quickly while we used this (in comparison to not using it), and they did appear ‘flatter’ by the end of the day. The formula takes a little practice to get the most from the coverage, but it did wear well through the day.

Ultimately, we’re definitely going to be continuing to use this for blemishes.