Why Your Skin Needs This Cult Asian Beauty Powder


Gwyneth asian beauty powder

Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Asian beauty is the gift that keeps on giving. Every month the Western world discovers something and believes it’s totally groundbreaking, only to find out that in East Asia they’ve been using it for centuries! Incomes Pearl Powder, a favorite among Chinese Empresses dating back to the 7th Century  for years Chinese women have even been taking pearl powder supplements during pregnancy to boost their child’s skin complexion, crazy right?! The powder is a substance taken from freshwater pearls, and can be taken as a supplement, ($38), made into a face mask or used as a finishing powder to set your makeup. But whether you’re ingesting it or applying it to your face, its powers go beyond the complexion; it’s even known to boost your mood and keep hormonal acne breakouts at bay.

Why Pearl Powder Is The BOMB!

The factors that give pearls their stunning shine is actually down to a composition of high calcium content (30 to 80%), amino acids, and 30 trace minerals, and when ingested, can help to give your skin the same luminous shine. These good for your body and skin elements improve more than your skin, Chinese herbalists even recommend taking the supplement whenever you’re feeling weak – for example, during menstruation. Moon Juice’s beauty supplement, Beauty Dust, is even packed with pearl powder and has become a popular A-lister supplement, touted for calming and boosting your mood.

When applied topically, pearl powder helps to even out and brighten skin tone, while it also improves the epidermal layer’s ability to retain its natural oils and moisture. Pearl powder can also address hyperpigmentation by suppressing the amount of melanin your skin produces (what causes dark spots). This makes it the perfect facial or supplement to take if you’re always in the sun, as it can help reverse the damage by the sun and as it stimulates your collagen production. It’s even known to blur the appearance of pores, skin inflammation and redness, so it’s ideal for acne-prone skin. The powder also has antimicrobial properties that promotes the regeneration of new skin cells, treating acne scarring and dry patches alike.

DIY Pearl Powder Facial

Pearl Powder DIY Facial

This mask is quick and easy and will seriously brighten up your skin. Start by mixing 2 grams of pearl powder with a beaten egg white (if the eggs are small use 2), then add half a teaspoon of honey (honey acts as an antibacterial, helping your skin rid itself of impurities). Apply it to your face and wash it off 20 minutes later with warm water. We use this Pearl Powder, $13, from Amazon.

If you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty with a DIY, you can even mix pearl powder with your setting powder (or into your moisturizer), and it will be absorbed into your skin during the day, boosting radiance as the day goes on.