This Derm-Created Skincare Line Brings The Glow From The Inside-Out

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Dr. Whitney Bowe product review

Pretty much every celeb under the sun has their own skincare line these days – J. Lo, Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, the list goes on – but what gets us really excited is when we hear that a real-life beauty guru is blessing us with a brand! Knowing that an expert is pouring all their knowledge and years of training into a product we can incorporate into our daily routines is the kind of beauty news we love to hear. So imagine our delight when we saw that one of our fave award-winning dermatologists, Dr. Whitney Bowe, was launching her eponymously-named skincare brand.

The first products in the Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty lineup mirror Dr. Bowe’s mantra of treating the skin inside and out. Her ‘outer skincare’ comes in the form of the Bowe Glowe™ Microbiome Nourishing Cream, $95, a ceramide-rich day and night moisturizer that gives your skin exactly what it needs to be healthy, brighter and happy. The ‘inner skincare’ is the delicious Bowe Growe™ Pomegranate Microbiome Water-Enhancing Elixir, $49, that helps nourish the gut microbiome, thereby strengthening the skin and boosting your glow.

As with all products we review – we take it very seriously – we’ve been testing the collection for over a month, and we have to say, both products have become staples! We’re giving you the scoop on each, but before we do, here’s a little background on Dr. Whitney Bowe’s unique approach to skincare.

As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Bowe has treated thousands of patients, and this experience allowed her to understand that treating the skin needs a 360 approach. Dr. Bowe explains, “Skincare isn’t just about what you apply on your skin, it’s what you put in your body, and also your overall lifestyle. The gut-skin connection is very real. If your gut is imbalanced, you’ll see that reflected in your skin. Without treating skin from both the inside and the outside, you’re missing an essential ‘layer’ to your skincare routine.”

The Skin-Gut-Mind Connection

Dr. Bowe believes the key to having happy skin is the result of having balanced skin and a balanced gut. “If your skin microbiome isn’t balanced and your skin barrier is not intact, your skin won’t be as receptive or responsive to your other skincare products,” Dr. Bowe tells us.

“The same holds true with your gut. If your gut is out of balance, even the most nutritious diet won’t nourish your skin properly. To build a powerful skincare routine, you need to establish a balanced, hydrated baseline.” Which is why Dr. Bowe created the Bowe GloweTM Cream and Bowe GroweTM Elixir, what she refers to as “foundational products – the ‘cornerstones of your skincare routine’ – that set your skin up for success, maximizing your results.” And we have to agree. After swapping out our regular moisturizer for her ceramide-packed cream, it’s strengthened our skin so much that it doesn’t even bat an eyelid when we use retinol.

Here’s our full review:

Bowe Glowe™ Microbiome Nourishing Cream, $95

What it is: A rich, silky-to-touch, clinically-proven day and night moisturizer made with squalane, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and a powerful proprietary blend of prebiotics and postbiotics.

What it does: Deeply hydrates and restores skin while helping to balance the skin microbiome and strengthen the skin barrier. The formula is also pH-balanced, fragrance-free, vegan, and suitable for all skin types – no breakouts here.

What we thought: This moisturizer really made a difference to our skin! We noticed that the more we used it, the more balanced and stronger our skin was. Our skin tolerated active ingredients better, and by the end of the month, our skin was looking significantly more luminous and healthier. No doubt we can thank the ceramides in the formula, which help hold skin cells together to create a protective barrier.

We use three pumps for our face, and the cream massages in easily and sinks in fast to leave a natural, dewy sheen to the skin. It also wore well under makeup, but we love to use this as the icing on top of our nighttime routine. Top tip: for extra hydration and moisture, layer a facial oil on top.

Source: Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty

We also love the luxe packaging, which is convenient to use thanks to the airless pump dispense that protects it from oxidation to preserve product efficacy. It’s also made with recycled glass and is refillable (you’re gonna want to restock!).

Bowe Growe™ Pomegranate Microbiome Water-Enhancing Elixir, $49

What it is: A one-of-a-kind inner skincare formula that transforms a glass of water from basic to berry juicy in seconds so you can drink your way to happier skin. It contains polyphenols (pomegranate, blackberry, blueberry, black currant, cranberry, concord grape), lemon juice, coconut water, and monk fruit.

Source: Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty

What it does: Just a few droppers each day help to nourish the gut microbiome and boost your intake of plant-powered bionutrients. The pomegranate and berry flavored vegan drops (no sugar and no calories!) will have you craving H20 as a treat!

Fun fact: One bottle of Bowe Growe is equivalent to eating the same nutrients of approximately seven pomegranates, seven cups of black currants, three cups of blueberries, two and a half cups of cranberries, one and a half cups of blackberries, and a bunch of grapes. Now that’s impressive!

What we thought: Not only do we love the concept of drinking the nutrients we need, but the formula tastes so good, which makes it a delicious, guilt-free afternoon treat for every day. It was also a nice alternative to taking a supplement, which can be a bit of a chore, especially if you’re taking more than one type!

Our skin has felt hydrated, nourished, and balanced with no breakouts in sight, and we think that’s pretty impressive.

Our Verdict:

Overall, we’re big fans, and we recommend it to everyone! This combination keeps your skin in its happy state, so even though we tested new acid formulas and continued to use our retinol twice a week, we had absolutely zero skin upsets – take it from us, that’s impressive!

If your skin constantly feels tight, dry, uncomfortable, sensitive, or flares up easily, this is a must-try to help build and strengthen your skin.

We’re excited to see what Dr. Whitney Bowe launches next! Are you guys going to give it a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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