This Drugstore Mascara Just Became My Go-To


maybelline colossal big shot mascara review before and after

Mascara is basically every girl’s essential makeup product; it’s one of those fundamental tools that even when we decide to go with no-makeup , we probably still add a quick layer of mascara. A pair of fluttery lashes makes all the difference to our most important feature. I’m in love with false lashes, I wear them every day – okay, I’m addicted – but honestly, this mascara is the closest I’ve come to replacing them! Recently the gorgeous Shayla sent me her collaboration with Maybelline, and I loved their Colossal Big Shot mascara so much that I carried it around all weekend with me.Maybelline colossal big shot mascara review

Not only do I love the gold packaging, the chunky tube is really different and looks cool, but it honestly did things to my lashes that no mascara has done before! The wand distributes the perfect amount of product – you know sometimes you use a mascara and it feels like none of it is sticking to your lashes – so it’s super easy to use and it adds amazing volume to your lashes at the same time. The wand has these tiny bristles that pull through your lashes to elongate them, which creates crazy length, while the collagen-enriched formula fills them out for a full look that isn’t at all clumpy. For $8.50 I’m so impressed with how amazing this is, (it also comes in purple and blue); I’ve tried a lot of mascaras in my time, and this is totally trumping all the rest.

If you’re one of those people that tend to have a problem with mascara smudging under your eye, then you should definitely bake with this. I always use a lot of oils on my face, so baking under my eye means that my makeup is smudge-proof all day, and I recommend this with this mascara. I’d also love to try out the waterproof version as this is 100% going to be perfect for poolside glamor. I admit this won’t replace my false lashes on a daily basis (I don’t think anything could), but if I need to go somewhere quickly this is definitely going to be the mascara I reach for.

We put it to the test on Huda Beauty HQ… the results are flawless!

maybelline colossal big shot mascara before and after huda beauty review