This Heat-Changing Hair Dye Just Made Unicorn Hair Real


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Remember when you wore mood rings when you were a teenager? Well now we have the mood ring of hair, and it’s magical AF. We all get bored of our hair color, but the idea of committing to a single shade for the foreseeable future is often more hassle than we can be bothered to commit to. Income Pravana Vivids Mood Color, hair dye that will change color when you add heat to it! What we love even more is that this isn’t a permanent product, depending on how much and how long you leave the product in your hair, you’ll be able to wash it out in just a few washes or less – now that is the hair solution we’ve been looking for!

5 facts to know:

1. It only really shows up if you have blonde hair (level 8) or lighter.
2. It doesn’t affect the hair color underneath; you can just wash it out!
3. If you apply more product (like with your hands instead of a sponge) and don’t wash your hair the next day, the color will last longer (up to a few washes), although the heat-changing aspect goes after the first wash.
4. You can apply it to your extensions so you can have heat changing hair whenever you feel like it.
5. This product is only available in salons atm – petition to have it available for home-use, anyone?
You can get the treatment in four colors: Cool Violet to Warm Pink, Lime Green to Sunny Yellow, Smokey Grey to Invisible, Tropical Peach to Invisible – we’re obsessed! And you don’t even have to choose one; you can use all four for even more mystical unicorn vibes.

This is how Vivid Color Moods works:

For now, the heat-changing hair-dye treatment is only available in salons (*calling local salon now), but we’re keeping all our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to get our hands on it for home use soon too. If you live in Dubai, the treatment is now available at The Dollhouse exclusively.