This Insane Beauty Tool Gives You Cheekbones In 4 Minutes


ziip beauty tool review

Every year, I’m amazed by the new technology, formulas, and skin treatments available. When I started blogging over 10 years ago, I could never have dreamed of the advancements in technology. Possibly my favorite thing is that now, the best skincare treatments that you used to have to spend a ton of money on at a clinic, are available for us to use at home. If you want to permanently remove hair, there’s the Philips Lumea, if you want red light therapy, there’s Baby Quasar, and my newest obsession is the Ziip Beauty device.

The Ziip Beauty device uses nano currents to sculpt your face for a more chiseled, more youthful appearance. It sounds too good to be true, but honestly, this might be my fave discovery of 2018! It not only carves out cheekbones (not literally, but it looks that way), but the Ziip can also help to treat blemish-prone skin, and diminish dark circles and fine lines.

ZIIP Golden Gel

What it is: A device that uses small electronic vibrations, which push current through the skin using positively and negatively charged discs, to stimulate cells. This increase in energy boosts levels of ATP (the energy currency of cells), which effectively stimulates the creation of elastin, collagen, and other really sciency stuff!

How it works: It’s super easy to use, you just need to download the Ziip app, select the program you want to try, and it’s then sent to the device via Bluetooth connection. Apply a layer of conductive gel (more on that later), and once the Ziip is connected, just watch the easy-to-follow YouTube videos embedded in the app, which will show you where and how long you should move the Ziip device over different areas of your face.

You can see me using the ‘Instant Gratification’ program below, and the results it gives:

What it does: The Ziip device has seven programs, each of which targets different skin issues:

Instant Gratification takes just 4 minutes to immediately sculpt and lift the face.
Total Clearing is effective in treating and controlling blemish-prone skin in just 8-minutes (repeated treatments are necessary for results).
Pigment Treatment combats unwanted melasma and hyperpigmentation by suppressing the overactive production of melanin, in 6 minutes (repeated treatments are necessary for results).
Vital Eyes is a 4-minute treatment that depuffs, reduces fine lines, and helps improve the appearance of dark circles.
Energize is a 12-minute anti-aging treatment.
Sensitive Energize is a sensitive skin-friendly program that works to reverse the signs of aging in 12 minutes.
Men’s Treatment takes just 2-minutes and is designed to be used twice a week to eradicate dark circles, tighten pores, and diminish fine lines in Men.

What we liked: I’ve tried a couple of devices like this before, including the NuFace device, but I found this to be more effective and much easier to use, as the YouTube videos on the app are so helpful and easy to follow. I tried the Instant Gratification program, and considering it only takes 4 minutes; the results are insane – you can really notice a difference and see a lift in the skin. I also tried the Vital Eyes program, which lifted my brows and helped to reduce puffiness, and it’s also the most straightforward treatment to do.

You need to do this on freshly cleansed and toned skin, ensuring there’s no makeup or residue left on your skin. You then apply the conductive gel and follow the program – the app and entire experience are very simple, but you need to make sure you remove the conductive gel, either by wiping with a makeup remover wipe or by washing your face, afterward. I love that the whole process takes less than 10 minutes, which is about the same time you would spend doing a sheet mask.

What we didn’t like: The conductive gel is very slimy, but it’s essential to channel the cell-energizing electricity to where it’s needed, and also ensure you don’t get a shock!

The verdict: This is definitely the most effective at-home device I’ve tried for toning and sculpting. Although the effect from one session gives immediate results, it doesn’t last a long time, so it’s perfect to do before an event or special occasion. For long-term sculpting results, you need to use this two to three times a week, because ATP cannot be stored, regular use will maintain ATP production and eventually increase skin strength – so you need to give it time.

I’m yet to try the Pigment Treatment and Total Clearing programs, but I love that this is multifunctional, which makes the cost of it slightly more feasible, as you can target different skin concerns. If you’re someone who loves facials or has skin concerns that the Ziip targets, I feel this is definitely a worthwhile investment – over time, it’s much more affordable than regular facials or treatments.

Available:, $495, which includes the Gold Conductive Gel, cleaning cloth, and travel bag, as well as illustrated instructions.

Would you guys try this? Let me know in the comments below. X