This Is How To Figure Out Your Ultimate Lipstick Shade


Finding the perfect shade of lipstick can often feel like an impossible task. That is until you figure out your undertone – it’s the secret weapon to always finding the most flattering makeup color for your skin tone. There are three categories; warm, cool, and neutral. If you’re warm-toned, you’ll typically suit lipsticks that have reddish, peach, orange or even yellowish undertones. Whereas if you have a cool undertone, lipstick with a blue or purple-y tint will be the most flattering. If you’re neutral you’ll probably look great in almost everything.

We know finding the perfect lipstick with the right undertone can be kinda difficult to find, which is why when created our new Matte Power Bullet, we formulated lipsticks in cool and warm-toned categories to make finding the most bomb shade as easy as possible. Although it doesn’t mean you couldn’t wear both, it just makes it easier to find your ultimate hue! If you’re still struggling to determine your ultimate power shade, take our throwback quiz.

Power-Buller-Throwbacks-Quiz (1)


Undertone: Warm
You’re fierce AF, unapologetic, and powerful. When you have an important meeting, you’ll be wearing a power suit Naomi Campbell would be proud of.


Undertone: Warm
You’re a sucker for a good rom com, and if your date ever showed up without a corsage (or a rose at the very least) you’d send him away. You spent weeks picking out your dress and daydreaming about this moment, it needs to be perfect!


Undertone: Warm
Your idea of the perfect evening involves a night in with Super Mario and a batch of brownies. You live your life in double denim, and an oversized Calvin Klein Sweater and you love to be spontaneous.


Undertone: Warm
Your favorite part of any date is that doorstep movie moment. Nothing can beat that feeling of butterflies. You’re charming, sweet and irresistible, and you live for the anticipation of the first kiss!


Undertone: Cool
Your fave part of any evening is recapping every detail the next morning with your squad. You may have gone a little wild but that’s alright by you. Your life motto? You can sleep when you’re dead.


Undertone: Cool
Your best friends mean everything to you. You spend your nights on three-way phone calls discussing all of the latest dramz and of course organizing the next girly trip. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your ride or dies!


Undertone: Cool
Dirty thirty means one thing… Vegas! You work hard so it’s time to play even harder… You’ve got all of your besties together and now it’s time to get glam and pop some bottles! This trip will go down in history.


Undertone: Cool
The beginning of the rest of your life… You’ve planned everything down to the detail from the pale pink peonies to the French lace veil to the impeccable seating chart. You’re a perfectionist, after all.

Find your ultimate shade in our Icons Collection:


Now you’ve taken the quiz, find your power shade persona. Each shade is named after an occasion the lipstick shade would be perfect for:


promotion day

Undertone: Cool
You work hard and aren’t afraid to hustle! You’re constantly competing to break down boardroom stereotypes – you’re determined to be the CEO that your grandmother wanted you to marry.