This Is The Best Hair Care Brand We've Ever Tried


pump haircare

We know this is a BIG claim, but we don’t make it lightly! We’ve tried A LOT of hair care brands in our time, and this has been a resounding favorite. We actually came across this brand on Instagram, we kept seeing ad after ad of insanely shiny hair, and that’s all we needed to see to pique our interest. Honestly, we thought it looked too good to be true, so obvs, we had to put it to the test. And damn, we’re so happy we did!

When we checked out the Pump Haircare website, we discovered this was a sulfate-free, environmentally-friendly range made with all organic ingredients. The brand was actually created by Aussie-based hairdresser Natasha, who was looking for a solution to the hair loss she was experiencing as a result of endometriosis. Her tried and tested range of products is her solution!

So, we decided to try Pump Haircare’s most hyped products; their Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner, Pump Thickening Mask, and a Pump Shampoo Brush. We also saw a Scalp Tonic, a recovery oil, an anti-frizz spray, and Heat Protection spray that looked interesting, so we gave that a try too. From the title, you already know we loved them, here’s why:

Pump Hair Growth Shampoo, $25  

Pump Hair Growth Shampoo

What’s in it: Australian Certified Organic Argan, Macadamia, Peppermint and Chamomile. Natural botanical extracts like Wild Yam, Yarrow flower, Silver berch, and Thyme flower.

What it does: The formula is designed to reduce excess shedding, give thicker hair with less breakage, and help with scalp health. The formula claims to contain “the most bioactive form of Coenzyme Q10,” which can increase the keratin levels to enable longer and thicker-feeling hair.

Our verdict: Not only did this smell so good we never wanted to wash it out, but it really did make a huge difference to the health of our hair. This didn’t lather as much as our usual shampoos, but it felt thick and creamy and made our hair feel incredibly clean. It washed out easily and gave a slight tingling sensation while we used it, which we enjoyed.

Pump Hair Growth Conditioner, $25

What’s in it: Peppermint oil, Niacinamide (a powerful antioxidant that protects against pollution), Stinging Nettle, Wild Yam Root, Horsetail Leaf Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Sage Leaf Extract, Thyme Leaf Oil, Green Tea Extract, BioGro.

What it does: The formula is designed to stop hair breakage, seal split ends, while nourishing and hydrating hair.

Our verdict: Unlike most conditioners, this instructs you to ring out excess water and apply a small amount of conditioner from roots to ends. We were skeptical, and even at the risk of greasy hair for a day, we took the plunge and did as we were told. After a couple of minutes, we noticed an intensely tingling, cooling sensation – it was kinda weird, kinda really nice

The results: After diligently (and happily) using this for a month, we noticed our hair was looking healthier than ever. From the first wash, our hair felt immediately softer, lighter and bouncier – it was almost like the lack of chemicals and silicones were no longer weighing our hair down. Over the course of the month, we were surprised to see super smooth ends and very few split ends, whereas usually, four months after having our hair cut it would feel ratty and dry, but this was not the case at all!

Overall, we can say that we have never enjoyed the process of washing our hair as much as when we use this. Our hair has never felt so soft and healthy, and we’re genuinely shook at how this has helped keep our ends from splitting so much. We will definitely be ordering more!

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Pump Frizz No More, $23

Pump Frizz No More

What’s in it: Argan oil, Jojoba protein, Cucumber Liquid Botanical Extract, and Guava extract. Naturally scented with a blend of essential oils.

What it does: It’s designed to banish frizz, protect the hair from environmental damage, and smooth and add shine to hair.

Our verdict: This instantly smoothed straight and very curly, frizzy hair. A little goes a long way on straight, fine hair (avoid your roots, so they don’t end up looking oily), but feel free to pump away on curly hair for a super smooth finish. We loved the smell of this (we wanted to spray it all over ourselves) and were super impressed with its smoothing abilities and the shine it added to our hair. We love that this is such a natural and effective remedy for frizz.

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Pump Thickening Mask, $31

Pump Thickening Mask

What’s in it: Pro-vitamin B5 to nourish, Gotu Kola Extract, Hydrolysed Soy Protein and Rice Protein for body and texture and a blend of Marshmallow extract and Olive leaf extract to condition.

What it does: The delicious-smelling formula is designed to thicken and plump hair by ‘swelling’ each strand. The formula says to apply a small amount to towel-dried hair and leave on for at least 10 minutes, so we left it as long as we could and also tried leaving it overnight (which btw, was not messy at all!)

Our verdict: Often when we use products that say thickening, we expect that heavy, weighted feeling they so often leave, but this made our hair feel so light! It didn’t just feel amazing, it actually felt thicker, even after one use – we know that sounds like straight up BS, but honestly, somehow it just did.

After using this mask around six times in a month, we don’t yet feel our hair has actually become thicker, but it definitely feels thicker after each time we use the product, and we’re looking forward to seeing how our hair looks in the next few months. Regardless of whether this will actually thicken your hair (we read a lot of reviews that said it did), this is a brilliant hair mask for general hair health.

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Pump Shampoo Brush, $14

Pump Shampoo Brush

What it does: This plastic brush is designed to lift scalp buildup and invigorate the scalp. The thick bristles have a silicon-like material that is intended to ‘agitate’ the hair follicles and promote healthy, shiny-looking hair.

Our verdict: We thought this looked pretty gimmicky, but we’d also not tried anything like it before. We used it while we shampooed our hair; vigorously rubbing our scalp with the brush in circular motions. We’ll be honest: we loved the feeling of it and the sound of what it does, but it’s not an essential in our book.

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Pump Scalp Tonic, $28

Pump Scalp Tonic

What’s in it: Blended with natural and botanical extracts and Activated Charcoal known to pull out toxins and purify. It contains Citric acid from lemon to regulate the pH balance and shed dead skin cells, Chamomile flower extract to soothe the scalp and Rosemary leaf extract to help lift loose dandruff from the scalp.

What it does: This blend of natural ingredients is formulated to soothe itching scalps, lift loose dandruff, moisturize, and ease itching symptoms of psoriasis.

Our verdict: When we first saw this, we thought it was such a clever idea – we hate having to replace our fave shampoos with dandruff alternatives. We tested this on a patch of flaky dandruff around our hairline and noticed that after using this daily for just a few days, our dandruff subsided and the itchy feeling was gone. The only problem is we forgot to continue using it, and the dandruff came back; so the moral of the story is to continue using this for a few weeks.

We were happy that application was super quick and easy to do (literally just spray at the roots and rub in) and also that it didn’t make our roots look greasy. We definitely recommend this as a natural alternative for treating mild dandruff and an itchy scalp, but for more severe cases, a trip to see your derm is probably necessary.

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Pump 300° Heat Protection, $21 

Pump 300° Heat Protection

What it does: This heat protection spray is made with all-natural coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and other oils, and is designed to protect your hair against heat up to 300 degrees!

Our verdict: We used this on towel-dried hair before blow-drying and on dry hair before curling and straightening, and we loved how this protected and added shine to our hair. Due to the oil formula, we recommend fine hair types don’t spray this at the scalp. We also noticed that the formula helped prevent frizz, even when we blow-dried our hair, so it’s a definite keeper.

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The website has a ton of other hair care products, from derma rollers designed to encourage hair growth to styling salt sprays and blonde-enhancing hair masks. We haven’t tried them all, but we bet you’ll love them.

This is not a sponsored post, we are just majorly crushing on these all-natural hair care products! Let us know if you’ve tried this brand before and what you thought of the products you tried.