This Is THE Cutest Way To Wear Your Hair This Summer


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First, there’s winter with its dry air and freezing temperatures to wreck our hair, then there’s summer bringing humidity and damaging UV rays. We basically have about four months of the year between seasons when the temperamental weather isn’t messing with our hair in some form. So, we’re getting pretty good at coming up with the cutest ways to deal with #hairproblems!

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Now that summer is here, we’re making sure we keep our hair in the best condition possible – check out these tips for avoiding summer hair damage – and one of our fav ways to protect it from the sun is with a super cute headscarf. And before you get visions of your grandma, headscarves are a huge trend for summer and were seen all over the catwalks of Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Temperley London. And, considering our hair never behaves itself in summer – the humidity does crazy things to our hair – a headscarf is the easiest way to conceal frizz, greasy roots, and flyaways (plus they look tres chic with a massive pair of sunnies!). Mostly, anything that means less heat styling and less hair washing is our friend, especially when the solution is as simple and easy as this.

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Here’re all the ways we’re crushing on wearing headscarves this summer:

BUNS: When it’s hot af outside, and you need your hair off your neck, a messy bun is the only solution. A scarf tied around your head or bun with a cute bow or knot is the perfect summer update. You can choose to wrap the scarf around your head or just the bun; keep wrapping the scarf til you’re happy with the length and tie.

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For extra romantic vibes, leave the scarf tails hanging, just wrap the scarf once around your head or bun and tie.

PONYTAIL: Whether you want to wear your pony high or low, a scarf adds a pretty bohemian twist. Choose a longer scarf, tie it around your pony, then knot or tie a bow – whatever vibe you’re feeling.

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HEADBAND TWIST: This twist effect always looks so effortless, and it works with almost any hairstyle. Drape the scarf around your neck and then wrap around your head and twist the two ends around each other at the top of the head, and then wrap them back around your head and tie at the nape of your neck – it literally takes ten seconds.

BRAIDS: Braids for summer are essential, and weaving a scarf into the braid for extra cuteness never hurts. Either tie your headscarf around the top of the braid, weave it through, or use it to create a bow to secure your braid at the end. If you wear a low-slung braid, you can wrap your scarf around your head, tie it at the nape of your neck, and then incorporate it into the braid.

KNOTS & BOWS: This is the easiest way to make a statement and it looks SO stunning with a super simple outfit and a pair of hoops. You can find headscarves with a wire running through them so that when you tie the bow, it will stay in the shape you want.

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HALF UP, HALF DOWN: If you want the hair off your face, but want to leave your hair down, you can tie your headscarf around your bun or braid, or use it as a headband.

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