This Is THE Most Overlooked Eyebrow Treatment!

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We could literally watch brow transformation videos all day long. However, it wasn’t until recently that we discovered our latest beauty obsession, brow tinting.

While you might think brow tinting is a simple brow solution fro darkening the hairs, it’s SO much more than that. When it’s done well, it can make your brows look fuller, thicker and so much more defined. The effects are so good you won’t need to fill them in with your go-to brow products at all. For all of the expert tips, we spoke to Yana from Dubai’s Brow Wow salon. Here’re all the deets:

Why You Need Eyebrow Tinting Now More Than Ever Before  

After watching countless transformation videos, you can see how the practice of brow tinting has come along way from that $4 tinting kit you tried when you were 16. Instead of simply slapping on the brow dye, it’s carefully applied to achieve that full and thick brow finish we’ve grown to love. The secret to the technique is to start at the base of the brow, applying a thicker amount of dye where the brows should be fuller. This helps give the appearance of naturally thicker brows as the skin underneath is also tinted, as well as the hairs.

Pre-Brow Tinting Appointment  

Before you book an appointment, do your research so you know your brow artist is able to achieve this look. Ask around for recommendations and check out their videos and before and after pictures on Instagram. It’s also important to check if they’ll shape your brows prior to tinting, otherwise, you’ll need to book an appointment with your brow artist or DIY it!

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Find the Right Color

“There are so many color options from blonde to light brown, natural brown, dark brown, graphite, and of course, black. You can also mix the color to find the perfect match for your skin or dependant on the look you’re going for. For instance, some of my clients are blonde however, they want very dark eyebrows, and some brunettes want lighter brows, so it just depends on your preferred taste,” explains Yana.

How Brow Tinting Works

According to Yana, “The process will take a maximum of 30 mins” but the effects “will last roughly 3 weeks on the brow hairs and 2-5 days on the skin.” Yana would also recommend a patch test; “An allergy test should be done on the wrist, regardless of your skin type or the type of dye.” Here’s what you can expect from the treatment:

Step 1: Clean the brows with micellar water and a cotton pad to remove any makeup residue or oil.

Step 2: Prep the brow hair for tinting with a brow scrub and gentle exfoliator to remove any dead skin.

Step 3: With a brow paste or Vaseline, outline the skin around the brows to avoid tinting the skin.

Step 4: Apply the dye to the eyebrow and wait for 8-12 minutes depending on the skin type and desired darkening effect. Don’t worry it will look a lot darker at this point.

Step 5: Remove the color with wet cotton pads.


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Pos-Brow Tinting Appointment

After the appointment, try not to get your brows wet for 24 hours. Also, avoid using oil-based products or exfoliating the brow area as the results will fade a lot quicker. If the brows are too dark, Yana ensures “There is a color remover, however, it will only remove the color from the skin, not from the hair.”

Brow Tinting Cost

You can expect to pay around $20, but of course, this will depend on where you live and the level of expertise of your brow artists. The great thing is you reap the rewards for at least three weeks. As the tinting lasts much less time on the skin than the hair, we recommend having this done just one or two days prior to an event and avoid using any strong ingredients on your brows. The more gentle you are with the skin here, the longer the tint will last.

Eyebrow Tinting at Home

If you’re a DIY babe like us, you can tint your brows at home, although the final effect will likely not have quite the same results. However, if you’re simply looking to darken your brows, it’s a good option. Yana says to “Simply follow the steps outlined above.” The Brow Code has some great box sets like their Pro Tint Kint, that offer every step from the brow scrub to the tint.

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